Flashback Arrestors

Protect personnel & equipment from the dangers of a flashback. Regulator and Torch mounted Flashback Arrestors for Oxy, Acetylene & LPG gas cutting & heating equipment. Conform to Australian standard AS4603 and independantly certified by Apragaz laboratory in Belgium, Europe. For peace of mind, every flashback arrestor is flame, flow & leak tested after manufacture. Designed and manufactured by a team with over 40 years experience in gas equipment engineering. Medium flow rate, with up to 35% higher flow capacity* to suit a broad range of applications, including cutting, gouging, brazing and light-to-medium heating.
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Also Known As:
Arrestor for Flash Back, Flashback, Flash-Back, Spark Arrestor
*Up to 35% higher flow capacity vs some other brands of standard model arrestors. See more info and downloads tabs for further details.
P4-FBARO2 106.02

> Conform to AS4603-1999 & EN ISO 5175-1
> Medium flow rate, with up to 35% higher flow capacity*, suitable for broad range of applications
> Individually Flashback, Flow & Leak Tested, for Peace of Mind
> Independantly Tested & Certified by Apragaz Laboratory, Belgium
> Thermal cut-off valve for protection against sustained flashback (regulator mount models)

> Unlike some other brands/models, Weldclass flashback arrestors cover both low/standard and medium/mid flow applications in one model
> Medium flow rated as a standard feature, not an optional extra or additional cost
> Convenient and simple: one model covers most general applications
> Up to 35% higher flow capacity than some other brands/models*
> Suitable for broad range of applications, including cutting, gouging, brazing, and light-to-medium heating
> Recommended for applications where torch/tip oxygen gas consumption is up to 500L/min**

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*Vs some other brands of standard model arrestors.
**For very heavy heating applications exceeding torch/tip oxygen gas consumption of 500L/min, high-flow arrestors are recommended. Weldclass does not currently offer high-flow arrestors.