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  • Now available with 7-year warranty. Portable electrode drying oven (welding rod hot box oven). Robust, lightweight, portable."Two models in one"... designed to suit users that are looking for either 5kg or 10kg capacity. If you only need 5kg capacity, the weight, size & portability is comparable to most 5kg ovens, but with the capacity to fit 10kg if required. If you need 10kg capacity, you'll find the new oven considerably lighter, more compact and more portable than many others on the market. Adjustable temperature 50-200c. Keeps electrodes moisture-free for optimum weld quality and electrode performance. Cylindrical shaped chamber keeps electrodes in better condition & avoids flux chipping (unlike Square shaped ovens where electrodes tend to roll from one corner to another and are more readily damaged). Click here to read about the design features of this oven in more detail.