Hardfacing Welding Electrodes

Electrodes - Hardfacing

The Weldclass range of hardfacing welding rods includes high-performance electrodes for maximum wear life and down-time cost reduction. 

Available in popular Weldclass 1kg re-usable packs for convenient use and storage, to keep electrodes dry and in premium condition and to minimise wastage.

Available from Weldclass distributors across Australia and the South Pacific region.

See the range of hardfacing stick electrodes below, or check out the Weldclass Hardfacing Quick Selection Guide for more information on selecting the best hardfacing product for your application.

Hardfacing Quick Selection Guide

  • 700 series hardfacing welding rods for general hard-facing of ground-engaging implements and similar applications. Good abrasion resistance with moderate-to-high impact strength, typical hardness 53-56 HRC. A tough weld deposit also makes this electrode suitable for parts subject to fatigue or flexing in service. Suitable for a wide range of applications including the surfacing of post hole augers, agricultural points, shares and tynes, grader and cultivator blades, etc. Supplied in 1kg re-usable convenience pack to keep electrodes in good condition. For higher abrasion resistance and longer wear life, we recommend Platinum 943 series electrodes.
  • High-performance hard-facing welding rod, ideal for ground-engaging equipment. Platinum 943 deposits extremely hard, abrasion resistant CrNb carbides, offering long wear life with both exceptional abrasion resistance and impact strength. Ideal for hard surfacing applications where resistance to high or extreme abrasion (in particular sliding abrasion) and moderate to heavy impact are required.
    Due to the nodular shape of the complex carbides, Platinum 943 deposits are capable of withstanding heavier impact levels than standard chromium-carbide electrodes. Typical applications include; buckets, lips, screws, hammers, teeth, crushing equipment, etc. Typical hardness 60-65 HRC (1st layer). Supplied in a 1kg re-usable convenience pack to keep electrodes in good condition.