Flashback Arrestors & Quick-Couplings for Oxy Equipment

Flash Arrestors & Couplings

Weldclass Flashback Arrestors and Quick-Couplings comply to Australian & international standards, for safety & performance you can depend on.

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  • Quick-couplings for assembly & dismantling gas equipment quickly & safely. Regulator & Torch mounted Quick-Couplings for Oxy, Acetylene, LPG & Inert gas (Argon, CO2, etc). Conform to ISO7289 & EN561 standards.


What is a flashback arrestor?

A flashback arrestor is safety device used on oxy-fuel systems to prevent a flashback from travelling into upstream equipment, such as gas cylinders. Without flashback arrestors installed, the operator and nearby personnel and equipment are exposed to the risk of explosion in the event of a flashback.


How does a flashback arrestor work?

In the event of a flashback, a flashback arrestor will prevent any reverse flow of gas and will also block the flame and prevent it from penetrating further upstream. 

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