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A world-class line up of Gloves for welders and metal frabricators: Welding Gloves, Rigger Gloves, TIG Gloves & more.

Made with attention to detail and to strict quality control standards. Comfortable, Consistent, Durable & Great Value. Weldclass gloves are used by welders right across Australia. 

  • Standard rigger gloves? Think again! Instead of standard cotton stitching, PROMAX KR series riggers are stitched with Kevlar for superior resistance to abrasion, heat & general wear. Plus we only use premium A-grade cowhide leather & apply strict QC controls to every batch. The result? A longer lasting glove especially suited to the rough & tumble of metal fabrication work!
  • 680mm extended-length welding gloves, for full arm protection. Crafted for excellent comfort & fit, using premium quality leather. Fully lined for comfort and good heat insulation. (Besides being a great welders gauntlet, we've also heard these are handy for cooking wood fired pizzas!). Available in standard and left-hand pairs.
  • A great value welding glove. Made from durable cowhide leather, fully lined, fully welted seams.
  • Fits over the top of welding gloves to provide additional protection, improve operator comfort and to extend glove life. Aluminised reflective Kevlar back deflects heat. Available for left-hand or right-hand gloves.

Best welding gloves Australia

If you’re looking for a good quality welding glove, you can rely on Weldclass. We’ve spent thousands of hours documenting design requirements and working with manufacturers to ensure that our welding gloves are comfortable, durable, and most importantly; consistent from one batch to the next. This is not easy to achieve with leather, being a natural product the thickness and quality can vary considerably. This is why we closely monitor the production of all our leather gloves and welding gloves and ensure that our specifications are adhered to. The result? Quality and consistency that you can rely on!