MMA Stick Welding Electrodes for Steel

Electrodes - Steel

Arc Welding Rods for Steel, including general purpose (GP) electrodes for mild steel and hydrogen-controlled (low-hydrogen) electrodes for high-strength steels.

  • The Weldclass Promax GP is an easy-to-use, all-positional welding rod for mild & galvanised steels, supplied in a 1kg re-usable convenience pack to keep electrodes in good condition. Very smooth arc, easy re-striking & easy slag removal. Fast-freezing slag formula, for welding in all positions including vertial down. Tolerant to dirty materials and poor fit-up. Available in 2.0mm, 2.6mm & 3.2mm.
    If a more forceful arc is desired, and for larger volume applications, we recommend the best-selling Weldclass Platinum 12V electrode.
  • Hydrogen controlled ("low hydrogen") E7016 series stick welding electrodes with a special Twin Flux Coating for superior arc stability - in Foil-Sealed 2KG Vacuum Packs. Commonly used for mild or high strength steel, where the joint requires higher strength than regular "GP" electrodes, such as highly restrained joints or components subject to higher load stress. Also used as a buffer layer prior to hard facing. 16XT welding rods are All-Positional (except for vertical down), easy striking & smooth running, with low spatter & easy slag removal. Available in 2.5mm, 3.2mm & 4.0mm. AWS A5.1 E7016 H8 & AS/NZS 4855: B E4916 A U H10 classifications.