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Welding Helmets

Welder in Australia using a Weldclass welding helmet

At Weldclass Australia, welding helmets are our specialty!

With over 30 year’s experience in supplying and designing electronic welding helmets, every helmet in our range performs at the top of it's category.

We offer practical features that make a difference, comfort, leading warranties, superior optics, reliability, genuine after sales support & great value.

The Weldclass welding helmet line up includes; Promax & Jackson Auto-Darkening Helmets and respiratory (air-fed) helmets.


Meet the Weldwolf!

One of Australia's most popular welding helmets, the Weldclass Promax 500 is now available in our special Weldwolf edition!

Read more about the Promax 500 Weldwolf here.




Jackson WH70... what's all the fuss about?

The team that designed the Jackson WH70 series welding helmets actually developed the worlds first auto-darkening welding lens.  So they do know a thing or two about what makes a helmet tick!

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Promax Welding Helmet Series

Weldclass Promax welding helmets are among the top-selling helmets in Australia. 

CLick here to find out what set Promax helmets apart, and the secrets behind their reliability and performance.