Gasless Welding Wire

Gasless Wire

Gasless MIG Wire:  If you're welding without gas, the Weldclass gasless (self shielded) wire range has you covered!

Includes the legendary Platinum GL-11, Australia's favourite gasless wire.

For tips and troubleshooting info on gasless welding - click here.

What is gasless welding wire? It’s a flux-cored, self-shielded welding wire for use in MIG welding machines. While often referred to as gasless MIG wire, strictly speaking this term is not correct since 'MIG' stands for metal inert gas. More correctly, gasless wire is a self-shielded FCAW wire; flux cored arc wire. The flux contained within the hollow wire reacts with the welding arc to form a slag and also create a gas shield to protect the weld pool from the atmosphere until it has solidified. It is widely used especially in field and construction work, due to its simplicity and portability – no gas required. Gasless welding wire is also ideal for outdoor environments where windy conditions are typically not a problem. It offers relatively high welding speeds and generally has good penetration into the base metal. The flux contained in the wire also acts as a cleaning agent and allows it to be more forgiving of rusty, dirty or contaminated base metals. The secret to the performance and user appeal of any gasless welding wire is the formula of the flux. This formula is not easy to perfect, and that’s why many welders prefer the tried and tested Weldclass Platinum GL-11 gasless welding wire over other brands.