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MIG Welding Torches & Parts - Miscellaneous

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  • Direct-connect MIG torch with gas solenoid valve built into the handle. Takes Binzel 15 style front-end parts. Suits Weldforce WF-160MST MIG welder.
  • Universal series Liners to suit MIG welding torches, for use with Aluminium MIG wire. Suits almost any common MIG torch including Binzel, Tweco, Bernard, Euro connections, Bayonet connections & more. Suits all torch lengths up to 5m. Premium polymer material for long wear life and resistance to splitting.
  • Teflon Liners to suit push-pull torches and long MIG welding torches, for use with Aluminium MIG wire. Suits all torch lengths up to 10m. Includes fittings to suit MIG torches with common Euro style connection. Supplied with neck liner.
  • Bulk rolls of Teflon-style liner material for use in MIG welding torches, when using Aluminium wire. Special polymer formula for optimum wear life, smooth wire feeding and resistance to cracking & splitting.
  • Euro connection assembly for MIG welding machines & wire feeders. Note this is a generic kit mainly intended as replacement for machines that already have Euro connection. If fitting to machine with non-Euro connection, this may require customisation by the user.