Wire Brushes for metal fabrication

Wire Brushes

Premium wire brushes for angle grinders, power tools and hand use. Made in Europe, Weldclass wire brushes are crafted from the highest quality materials, using manufacturing techniques perfected since the early 1900's. 

One of the secrets to the high performance and wear life comes from technology used in the European motor racing industry. The same wire developed for European performance motorsport tyres - designed to withstand high temperatures and extreme tensile force - is also used in the Weldclass brushware range.

Also features the unique Weldclass OPTI-5 series brushes, specifically engineered for optimum performance on 125mm/5" grinders and for use in Australian industry, where 125mm/5" is the most popular grinder size used.

All brushes comply with the demanding EN1083 standard.





Taipan Wire Brushes

As at 2020, Taipan products are being incorporated into the Weldclass brand family. New look... same legendary quality and performance, with even more features!