Taipan Cutting Discs

Cutting Discs

Taipan Cutting Disc range. Long-life, reliable abrasive metal cutting wheels for angle grinders and cutting saws.

TAIPAN ...the brand with bite! Brought to you by Weldclass, a founding member of the global Taipan Abrasives Group.

  • A cutting disc for fabricators who demand the best performance and maximum productivity. Taipan Platinum Razor-Hub XT is our longest-life, fastest-cutting ultra-thin wheel ever. Unique hub system to provide rigidity & strength without compomising cutting speed. Special grain formula offers outstanding life on both mild and stainless steel. TAIPAN ...the brand with bite!
  • Standard thickness metal cutting discs, offering great all-round performance on steel and stainless-steel. TAIPAN ...the brand with bite!
  • Cutting wheels for portable 240V cutting saws (drop saws). Long life and smooth cutting of steel & stainless-steel. Special anti-friction surface improves cutting speed with reduced effort. TAIPAN ...the brand with bite!