Taipan Cutting Discs

Cutting Discs

Taipan Cutting Disc range. Long-life, reliable abrasive metal cutting wheels for angle grinders and cutting saws.

TAIPAN ...the brand with bite! Brought to you by Weldclass, a founding member of the global Taipan Abrasives Group.

  • Not your average cutting disc! Razor-Hub is a unique design, offering "the best of both"; Very fast and smooth cutting, without compromising accuracy, safety and blade life.
    New look... same legendary disc! Taipan products are being incorporated into the Weldclass family. Same product, same great performance.
    Ultra-thin, true 1.0mm actual thickness for high-speed cutting, combined with unique hub system that provides the rigidity and stability that normally can only be achieved by increasing disc thickness. Special zirconia grain formula offers outstanding life on both mild and stainless steel.
  • Standard thickness metal cutting discs, offering great all-round performance on steel and stainless-steel. TAIPAN ...the brand with bite!
  • Cutting wheels for portable 240V cutting saws (drop saws). Long life and smooth cutting of steel & stainless-steel. Special anti-friction surface improves cutting speed with reduced effort. TAIPAN ...the brand with bite!