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MMA Welding Electrodes for Special Applications

Electrodes - Special

Welding Rods for special applications, including 312 universal (weld-all style) and cast-iron.

  • 312 "universal" series weld-all style electrodes (welding rods) for high-strength and crack-resistant welding of almost any steel or stainless-steel, including dissimiliar metals. Ideal for; Unknown steels, Dissimilar steels (eg steel to stainless), Die or tool steel, etc. (Not recommended for cast iron). Classification E312-16.
    Available in 1kg re-usable packs & blister/handy packs, in 2.6mm & 3.2mm.
  • Ni-CL series pure-nickel electrodes for hot and cold welding and repairing cast iron. Lower strength, ductile, fully machineable weld deposit. Commonly used for repairing of cracks, filling of defects and joining cast iron to itself. Also suitable for use where water-tight joints are required. Re-usable pack with screw-top lid. Classification: AWS ENi-CL. For higher-strength cast-iron welding &/or welding cast to steel, refer to Platinum NiFe electrodes (also available in handy-packs).
  • Popular and versatile NiFe-Cl type cast iron welding rod for high strength, hot or cold welding of; cast iron to itself (incl. grey / malleable, nodular, SG & austenitic cast irons) and cast iron to steel. Machineable weld deposit. Extremely soft, smooth arc with low spatter. Weld metal is stronger and more resistant to solidification cracking than the pure nickel electrode types (such as Ni-Cl). Classification: AWS ENiFe-CL. Available in blister/handy packs & 1kg re-usable packs, in 3.2mm.