Metal Markers, Chalk & Paint Pens

Markers & Chalk

Range of marking tools for temporary layout marking or permenant marking on metals & other surfaces.

Includes Chalk & Soapstone,  Paint Pens, Paint Sticks, Ink Markers, Temperature Markers & more.

  • Marking chalk that you can rely on! Weldclass PROMAX chalk doesn't snap or powder easily like some others. No wasting time with chalk that doesn't perform!
  • Dispenser for 125x12x5mm engineers chalk, with retractable action & pocket clip.
  • The ultimate layout marker for welders, fabricators & trades people everywhere! 2.8mm diameter refills, available in various colours for marking on almost any surface. Metal construction for long-life use, with extended needle nose to access hard-to-reach areas. One click gives you just the right amount of lead... plus: screw off the cap and hey prestro you have a built in sharpener!
  • Specially designed for welders, Markal Silver-Streak & Red-Riter pencils won't rub or burn off & remain visible when cutting or welding. Highly visible layout marks on Mild Steel, Galvanised Steel, Stainless-Steel and Aluminium & most metals. (Also available in clutch pen style - see Silver Streak Marker).
  • Clutch pencil style marker, specially designed for welders. Silver Streak marker pens won't rub or burn off & remain visible when cutting or welding. Ideal for mild steel & most metals.
  • Smooth writing & highly visible marks on almost any material, including smooth surfaces. Great for Galvansied Steel, Stainless-Steel and Aluminium, etc where other markers have poor visibility or poor adhesion. Marks like a crayon, but with a narrow-profile mark suitable for layout work.
  • Individual carded (display packaged) paint markers for low-volume use. For permenant marking of metals, plastic, masonry, glass, rubber & more. (For larger volume use, see the Markal Pro-Line HP product). 3mm bullet tip.
  • Solid paint stick; use like a crayon, marks with real permenant paint. Convenient, fast & clean. For general-purpose marking on a wide range of materials & surfaces.