Selection Chart for Oxy Brazing Rods & TIG Filler Wires

Date: 21-05-2024

 Selection Chart for Oxy Brazing Rods & TIG Filler Wires


This handy selection guide to help identify the best Weldclass brazing rod, or filler rod for your project. Includes rods and wires for brazing and welding steel, stainless-steel, brass, bronze, copper, aluminium and more.

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Rod Type

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Material to be joined Attributes / Comments   Common Uses
 Steel  Cast Iron  Stainless  Copper  Brass  Bronze  Nickel Alloys  Aluminium
Bronze Brazing  Manganese-Bronze x x x General purpose. Can be used in place of Tobin Bronze for many applications. NOT suitable for copper pipes carrying hot or salt water. Melting range 870-900c. Joining & repair of most ferrous and copper-based metals
Nickel Bronze (Nickel Silver) x x High-strength, good wear resistance.. Melting range 920-940c. Nickel alloys. Build-up of ferrous components, eg repairing gear teeth
Silver Brazing   45% Silver x x General purpose, high-strength. High fluidity & rapid capillary flow, Good corrosion resistance. Melting range 640-680c. Parts with close fit up. HVAC, refridgeration, marine, etc.
15% Silver
"Phos copper"
x x x x x x Joins copper-to-copper without flux, and brass-to-brass (flux required). Excellent for gap-filling where close fit-up does not exist. Melting range 645-800c. Copper pipe, plumbing fittings, hot water tanks, etc.
Joints subject to thermal expansion and service vibration.
2% Silver
"Phos copper"
x x x x x x Economic option. Joins copper to copper (with or without flux) & copper to low-zinc brass (flux required). Melting range 645-820c. Copper pipe, plumbing fittings, hot water tanks
TIG & Oxy* Welding    Steel S6 x x x x x x x Good for poor fit-up and/or where impurities such as rust and scale are present. General purpose TIG welding, or Oxy/Acetylene fusion welding, of mild steel
Stainless-Steel 316L x x x x x x x TIG welding common 300 series stainless steels 
Aluminium 5356 x x x x x x x TIG welding wide range of aluminium alloys 
*Oxy "fusion welding" of steel / stainless / aluminium is possible (although MIG &/or TIG are typically the best & most convenient / successful methods). Requires Oxy-Acetylene (not Oxy/LPG) and a suitable flux. Weldclass does not supply flux products.




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