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Plasma Cutters Australia

Check out the range of Plasma Cutters by Weldclass Australia. Weldclass is 100% owned and operated in Australia and our welding and plasma cutting machines are available from distributors right across Australia. 

Welder & Plasma Selector Tool


  • Now available with 10-year warranty
    With a built-in maintenance-free air compressor, cut capacity of 12mm clean & 18mm severance (mild steel), rugged roll-frame design, and generator compatability - the ULTRA 41PA* is your "go anywhere" plasma cutter, ready to tackle the rigours of any workshop, field or site job. A tried and proven machine, Made in Europe. Supplied with a high-quality European-made 6m torch with 'Euro' style connection and fitted with a 15A 240V plug.
    *Also known as Cutforce 41PA - read more.
  • Now available with 10-year warranty
    The ULTRA 43P* plasma cutter offers all the benefits of European quality & technology with an impressive cut capacity of 16mm clean & 20mm severance (mild steel).
    Generator compatible and weighing just 7kg with a rugged "roll frame" design, it's also super portable and ready to withstand the rigours workshop, field or site work. Features a high-quality European-made 6m torch with 'Euro' style connection, Air regulator with nitto fitting, and is fitted with a 15A 240V plug.
    For maximum parts life and cutting performance, we highly recommend the optional Platinum Z-20 Air Filter/Dryer.
    *Also known as Cutforce 43P - read more.



Why Clean Air is Critical when Plasma Cutting

Compressed air typically contains particles of moisture, oil and dirt.  These particles are the enemy of any plasma cutter, especially the torch. Dirty air will reduce the life of plasma parts, contribute to machine and torch malfunctions and can cause costly damage to the torch.

Click here for more information on how to deliver clean, dry air to your plasma cutter, and how this will improve the performance of your machine.


What type of Air Filters are Recommend for Plasma Cutters?

Most filters (or filter/regulators) supplied with plasma cutting machines provide only a basic level of air filtration. To get the most from your plasma (including getting the best life from your torch consumables), you need a high-performance filter.  

But which type of air filter is best suited to plasma cutting?  Click here to find out!