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Oxy Equipment Identification & Reference Guide

For Oxy/Acetylene and Oxy/LPG:  Cutting, Gouging, Brazing & Heating.  A quick visual guide to help you find what you need, and identify what's what!

Click on the links below for more information on each product.... or Click Here to download a pdf version.



Gas Cylinder to Torch Handle

Regulators, Flashback Arrestors, Quick-Couplings & Hoses



Cutting & Gouging

Torch Handle, Cutting Attachment, Cutting Tips/Nozzles & Gouging Tips/Nozzles



Brazing & Welding

Brazing Mixer / Attachment, Brazing Tips / Welding Tips


Handy Tip:  Oxy brazing can be done with both Oxy/Acetylene and Oxy/LPG.  Oxy welding (eg welding steel together using steel filler wire), however, is only possible with Oxy/Acetylene. 




Heating Mixers / Attachments, Heating Barrels / Tubes & Heating Tips / Nozzles


Handy Tip:  Heating with Oxy/Acetylene become unsafe when drawing large flows from the acetylene cylinder (eg: during heavy & very heavy heating).  For this reason, Oxy/Acetylene heating tips are not available in large / very large sizes, as indicated above.  Oxy/LPG does not have the same restriction & Oxy/LPG heating tips are available in larger sizes for heavy heating applications.  Overall, Oxy/LPG is safer and less costly than Oxy/Acetylene.