Hardfacing MIG Wire

Hardfacing Wire



Hardfacing MIG Wire - Solid or Gasless?

Here's a quick run-down of the Pros & Cons!


CrC Gasless Flux-Cored Hardfacing Wire


  • No gas required, convenient application in the field or in workshop
  • High Cr content (27%) for high to extreme abrasion resistance & long wear life
  • Moderate impact resistance
  • Available in 1.2mm, 5kg or 15kg spools (also 1.6mm 15kg)


  • Horizontal or down-hand position application only
  • Not recommended for high-impact applications

Amperage Parameters (approx): 120A - 200A (1.2mm)


Platinum SD-980 Solid Hardfacing Wire (use with gas)


  • Easy to use
  • All-positional (suitable for horizontal, vertical & overhead application)
  • Combination of good abrasion resistance with moderate impact resistance
  • Good choice for abrasive wear where shocks and blow will occur
  • Also suitable for metal-to-metal applications
  • Available in 1.2mm, 4.5kg and 15kg spools


  • Requires shielding gas (Ar+Co2 mix) - may not be best choice for application in windy environments
  • Not the best choice for ver-high / extreme abrasion applications with low (or zero) impact. While SD-980 will handle abrasion at all levels, CrC wire offers a longer wear life against high abrasion.

 Amperage Parameters (approx):  120A - 270A  (1.2mm)