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Hardfacing MIG Wire

Hardfacing Wire

Weldclass hardfacing MIG wires are used across Australia in agricultural, earthmoving, mining and other applications. Includes both gasless and solid hardfacing wires, for a range of metal-to-earth & metal-to-metal wear applications. 

Weldclass hardfacing welding wires includes high-performance options for maximum wear life and down-time cost reduction. 

Available from Weldclass distributors across Australia and the South Pacific region.


See the range of hardfacing wires below, or check out the Weldclass Hardfacing Quick Selection Guide for more information on selecting the best hardfacing product for your application.

Hardfacing Quick Selection Guide

  • Long-Life hardfacing 'MIG' wire for ground-engaging equipment. Very high resistance to abrasion with up to 3-4 times better wear life vs basic hardfacing wires*... thanks to special carbide additives not found in other wires.
    Recommended for metal-to-earth applications where wear is mostly caused by abrasion, with low-to-medium impact; points, tynes, buckets, teeth, screws, augers, grousers, etc.
    Gasless wire for easy application. Available in 1.2mm in 15kg or 4.5kg spools. Requires minimum 140 amps, suitable for use with 200A-250A MIG welders.
  • SD-980 hard-facing MIG welding wire is a versatile and easy-to-use "all-rounder". Being a solid wire, PLATINUM SD-980 is easy to apply and is all-positional. Ideal for applications where abrasion resistance is required, and especially when accompanied by shocks and blows. The weld can handle abrasion, moderate-to-high impact and metal-to-metal wear. Commonly used on excavator buckets and teeth, screws and augers, tracks, crushing jaws/wheels, etc. Available in 1.2mm in 15kg or 4.5kg spools. Requires minimum 120 amps. Use with Ar+CO2 mixed gas.


What is hardfacing MIG Wire ?

Hardfacing MIG wire is available in wire spools and is applied using the same equipment / welding machines as regular MIG (or gasless) welding wire. Compared to stick electrodes, hardfacing MIG wire is faster to apply, more efficient and more cost-effective. 

While hardfacing wire traditionally has been available only in large 15kg spools, Weldclass also offers 4.5kg (200mm) spools which allows users with smaller portable MIG welders to enjoy the benefits of hardfacing in wire format.


Should I use Solid or Gasless Hardfacing Wire?

Here's a quick run-down of the Pros & Cons!


Platinum CX-1800 Gasless Flux-Cored Hardfacing Wire


  • No gas required, convenient application in the field or in workshop
  • Very high resistance to abrasion, with a special carbide additive not found in other wires
  • Up to 3-4 times better wear life vs basic hardfacing wires
  • Longer wear / service life and less frequent applications
  • Recommended for metal-to-earth applications where wear is mostly caused by abrasion; points, tynes, buckets, teeth, screws, augers, grousers, etc
  • Low-to-moderate impact resistance
  • Available in 1.2mm, 4.5kg or 15kg spools


  • Flat (down-hand) position application only, not recommended for vertial or overhead welding positions
  • Not recommended for higher impact applications

Amperage Parameters (approx): 140A - 200A (1.2mm)


Platinum SD-980 Solid Hardfacing Wire (use with gas)


  • Easy to use & a good "all rounder"
  • All-positional (suitable for horizontal, vertical & overhead application)
  • Combination of good abrasion resistance with high impact resistance
  • Good choice for abrasive wear where shocks and blows will occur
  • Also suitable for metal-to-metal applications
  • Available in 1.2mm, 4.5kg and 15kg spools


  • Requires shielding gas (Ar+Co2 mix) - may not be best choice for field application
  • Not the best choice for high-to-extreme abrasion applications, for example sandy soils. While SD-980 will handle abrasion at all levels, CX-1800 will offer much longer wear / service life and less-frequent applications.

 Amperage Parameters (approx):  120A - 270A  (1.2mm)