Regulators - PLATINUM Acetylene

Acetylene gas regulator for oxy/acetylene cutting, brazing, heating, etc. 0-150 kpa delivery pressure. PLATINUM series, no quality short-cuts, manufactured to strict quality-control standards, for performance you can depend on. Encapsulated seat for safety and reliability. Designed and manufactured by a team with over 40 years experience in gas equipment engineering. Now available with 7-year warranty.
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Regulator Acetylene PLATINUM 0-150 Kpa Weldclass
PLATINUM Series 0-150 Kpa
Regulator Acetylene PLATINUM 0-150 Kpa Weldclass
PLATINUM Series 0-150 Kpa
4-ACR1 104.12



  • 7-Year Warranty offer*
  • One-piece encapsulated seat
  • Heavy-duty Platinum series, no quality shortcuts
  • Proven reliability
  • Complies with AS4267
  • Spare parts available



  • Suitable for acetylene gas
  • Output: 0-150 Kpa
  • Inlet / cylinder connection:  AS2473 Type 20
  • Outlet connection: 5/8" UNF Male LH



  • Provides better performance and reliability vs traditional seat designs
  • Sintered filter ensures microscopic particles don't enter the capsule, for longer life
  • Lateral (instead of direct / linear) gas flow protects diaphragm from wear & rupture
  • increased valve surface area minimises flow restrictions and pressure drops
  • Reduced pressure creep (tendency for regulator output pressure & flow to increase as the bottle pressure reduces)
  • Smoother, more consistent and reliable gas delivery flow & pressure
  • Improves weld quality and reduces troubleshooting issues caused / exacerbated by inconsistent gas delivery

Regulator Encapsulated vs Traditional Seat



  • Regulator complies with AS 4267
  • Pressure gauges comply with Australian standards AS 1349 & ISO 5171
  • Inlet connections comply with AS 2473 & ISO 5145
  • Manufactured under ISO-9001 certified quality system
  • Each regulator factory tested for leak tightness & correct operation at max working pressure
  • Each regulator stamped to indiciate month & year of manufacture & QC test


*Standard warranty 12 months, with extended 7 year warranty available if registered online after purchase, click here for details.