Meet the Weldwolf by Weldclass

Date: 24-01-2019

If you're an average joe or a plain jane, this welding helmet is not for you...

No offence if your name's Jane or Joe, but you get what we mean. The Promax 500 Weldwolf is really something ahead of the pack.




All the features you need to intimidate any welding task

This is no sheep in wolf's clothing!  This unit really does have what it takes, inside and out.

The Promax 500 is a tried and tested helmet... actually it's one of the most popular welding helmets in Australia. Now available in our special Weldwolf edition!




Now there's a great looking mask!

We don't mean to keep crying wolf, but this is real beauty. 




Available today… from a Weldclass distributor near you!

Slink on down to your local Weldclass distributor and grab your own Promax 500 Weldwolf before they disappear off into the moonlight.

If your Weldclass dealer hasn't yet gotten around to stocking these yet, we're pretty certain they'll get the message if you howl and scratch at their door a little.




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  • Date: 30-06-2019
    Douglas oakes Dhowelding ltd

    I would love to try one here in canada.never heard of b4
  • Date: 22-02-2019
    Michael Cullen Mcs Trimming and upholstery

    Currently using a cheap one for seat frame repairs and custom framing. Bastard all ways flat lol.
  • Date: 06-02-2019
    Shannon Blyth Phoenix Metal Form

    I have a promax 500 at home and is an awesome helmet. Great for tight spaces and reaction time is phenomenal. I aso use weldclass gassless wire which is a cut above the rest and all weldclass leathers. This weldwolf edition looks absolutely amazing
  • Date: 06-02-2019
    Wayne kerr Bouvardwroughtiron

    Great site
  • Date: 06-02-2019
    Weldclass Team

    Thanks for your comments Warwick. Sounds like an exciting project! Feel free to enter our WIN a Weldwolf helmet competition on facebook:
  • Date: 06-02-2019
    Warwick Grayson GraysonRayson

    I bought a new welding helmet 3 years ago similar to yours I just have to make sure the battery is changed an keep the helmet serviceable, as you know they can get knocked around, then they become un serviceable, I have just welded the hard tail on to the BSA frame getting the bike ready for start up, I would like to try one of your wolf helmets at work they just buy the replacement helmets from Dunlop supplies they supply nearly every thing.