Welding Helmets - PROMAX 500

The auto-darkening welding helmet with Super Size Viewing area & more value than you can poke a MIG, TIG or Stick at! PROMAX 500 stand-out features include; Massive 98x87mm Viewing area, 4 senors for reliable switching, Dual Shade 5-8/9-13, Sensitivity & Delay Adjustments, Grind-Mode switch, Replaceable Battery, Magnification Lens Holder & more. Comfortable, lightweight & superior optics. Click on 'More Info' for a full list of features. Find out what sets Promax helmets apart - CLICK HERE

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Promax 500 WeldWolf
Promax 500 WeldWolf
Also Known As:
Welding Welders Helmet Mask Hood, Automatic Electronic Auto Darkening Self Darkening Automatic flash-over, Stocked in Australia, replacement for Platinum 600

> Super-Size Viewing Area: 98 x 87mm, with Ultra-Clear Vision
> Dual Shade Range 5-8 / 9-13 plus grind mode to cover a wide range of welding processes
> 4 Arc Sensors for reliable arc detection & switching

> Ideal for MIG, Stick & TIG welding down to 5 amps
> For professional & Industrial Applications

> Functions: Variable Shade 9-13, Sensitivity & Delay Adjustments, plus Grind-Mode switch (locks the lens in light shade)
> Warranty: 2 year/24 month - Up to 100% longer than other helmets in this class
> High-Impact tested and rated to Australian standard AS1337.1
> Auto-darkening lens complies with AS1338.1
> 'Hinge & Lock' Lens Retainer System = Easy cover lens replacement, Seals tightly against spatter to prevent damage to electronic lens
> Magnification lens holder - takes standard magnification lenses
> Reliable Power Source: Replaceable battery plus solar assist, efficient electronics for low power consumption
> 'Full Laminate' Lens Construction: Each layer in the electronic lens assembly is firmly laminated for superior optical quality and long service life. This is in contrast to cheaper lenses which are simply glued on the edge and, over time, are prone to contamination and failure.
> Lightweight, Durable and Shock Resistant shell
> Auto-on & Auto-off = No buttons to press, Hassle-Free operation

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Dene - QLD
Small comfortable light good so far

Ross - NSW
I've used the Promax 500 a few times now after I upgraded from my old Uni-Mig helmet and the difference is chalk and cheese. It is Fantastic!
Following a test comparison between this mask and a competitors mask in the shop, i settled on the Promax as it was simply a solid performer for the price that i couldn't beat!
I'm really impressed with how clear it is! It has an excellent lens that is very clear and large; and with its true colour technology, i get full view of the job and have no eye strain. I also love the option of being able to add a magnification lens.
The harness is simple and comfortable on the head, with way more adjustability than I was expecting. I like being able to adjust the stop angle of the mask when lowered, but also the ability to adjust how close or far the mask sits from the eyes (fore and aft on the harness). Little things like that make all the difference and I had no trouble dialling in a perfect fit!
The shell is solid with a nice gloss finish.
Overall, I wanted a reliable helmet with a really clear lens that offered great value for money. I can honestly say that this mask has all the things i wanted in a high quality helmet and at a fantastic price, with none of the electronic gadgets that could be prone to breaking (that I probably would never use anyway!).
So far I can't fault it!

Stephanie - VIC
absolutely love it and haven’t even used it yet!! thank you :)

Graham - QLD
Love the large lens.

Simon - QLD
Sleek design, love the black! The big window allows a big field of vision, not so claustrophobic. Great definition, much easier to weld. Cheers.

Gordon - TAS
Excellent. Good viewing space. Comfortable to wear.

Steve - VIC
Awesome Helmel makes life so much easier love it.

Chris - SA
Nice and light, fits well, and I love the larger view, heaps better than my old one!

William - QLD
have had several of these in the 350 model and found them good value for money just wanted the bigger viewing window this time.

John - QLD
I've only just opened the box, but it looks very snazzy. More importantly, what caused me to purchase this helmet was its auto-darkening features and the large viewing area. My general rule in life is to always purchase good-quality products and I believe this helmet is no exception to that rule.
Regards John

Geoff - TAS
very good great for wearing glasses when welding

Steve - SA
they are really comfortable and the wide screen is perfect for seeing a lot more of the work surface brilliant helmets

Mark - NT
Best helmet I've purchased so far, fits tight to my face allowing me to get close to work piece and into tight areas, screen is nice and big so I can see more around the area I'm welding without having to move my head with a big clumsy helmet. Head adjustment rig is maxed out and a tiny bit tight on my head BUT having only 4 mounting points means it's solid to my head and doesn't move around and self adjust like other over complicated 8 point adjusters, where as this helmet is straight up (stays there) and straight down to the height you adjust it to for infront of your face, time is saved by not having to keep re-adjust your helmet every time you raise or lower it to see your work.
I have purchased 6 including this 1 since the beginning of this year and I think I've found a winner!

Ashley - VIC
I can see!! no really I CAN SEE. I have tried three helmet and lost money.
Now I can recommend this product to all my friends.
I wear a very strong prescription pair of glasses with bifocals. I'm 52 and for the first time in my life I am able to see through a the welding helmet lens.
Thank-you for a great product that gives me my welding sight.
Ashley Mayne Hoppers Crossing Victoria Australia

James - VIC
Liking the promax 500 so far. Comfy, light, large and clear viewing area.

Brian - WA
I am very happy with the performance - Excellent clarity when welding and the very fast response to darkening.

Mathew - NSW
Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!
Love all products made by you guys and im a 100% loyal customer to all of products as they are second to none in my eyes! Keep up the great work guys

Dave - QLD
Hi im Dave,this Promax 500 is replacing a very old speeglas apc-v which has done well and still works however I felt I was in need of a larger viewing area and the Promax 500 certainly has plenty of that!so far ive found it to be very very clear and the plastics on the shade unit and head shell look and feel to be of good quality,the head band adjusted very easily and almost feels like Ive owned it for a long time,it fits well and isn't heavy,i like it a lot and would compare it to more expensive brands,I didn't just jump in and buy this without looking well online and reading reviews etc on the many welding helmets out there.

Evan - NSW
Great welding helmet i particularly like the magnification lense and head gear.

Anthony - QLD
Works really well and heaps better than the cheap ones I have bought prior. The adjustments makes it custom fit and use more personnel.

Alex - QLD
It's awesome, has a great viewing area so easy to see what your trying to weld together. Awesome battery life and lots of settings to play with.
Love it :)

Lou - VIC
Fantastic ,used for the first time today and it is 100 times bettter than any other helmet that I have used. The big view area on the helmet is great.

Joe - VIC
Excellent even talked to a couple off people and told them about it.

Wayne - QLD
I recently purchased a Promax 500 and it is without a doubt the best helmet I have ever used in this price range. It's clarity and ease of use is simply superb and I do a lot of welding mainly Mig and I have never felt any eye fatigue even after hours and hours of continual use. I would have no hesitation in recommending this fantastic product to anyone.

Clay - QLD
I have only looked it over so far and are yet to use it, but it seems to be a beauty.
I am very happy with the purchase.

Steven - QLD
I bought my helmet promax 500 the other day and i love it. It is a very good helmet i can see through its large viewing area very well. Works great no delay. Easy to use and un clip to change lens when you need to. I always had miller welding helments befor but they are not as good as weldcass promax 500 very good helment would recommend it to anyone and very good price.

Tim - NT
Very happy with the Promax 500 the big lens is great

Derek - QLD
Very impressed so far comfortable works well good vision great price

Daniel - QLD
Its an awesome helmet great for my apprenticeship

James - NSW
I absolutely love this helmet and would highly recommend buying it.
It has a huge lense which enables you to see everything, very happy with it

Gavin - QLD
It's an excellent welding helmet. Well priced and featured. Comfortable and highly adjustable.

Michael - QLD
I love it!!!!!!!

Gavin - QLD
Well featured comfortable helmet. Good value for money

Rick - SA
Absolutely Brilliant !!

Nathan - NSW
Love the new promax 500 welding helmet had a unimig welding helmet previously wasn't happy with the quality did not last long 18 months maximum now I am happy with this promax 500 which comes with a battery life as well and also happy with the extra settings for grinding welding and shade and fits comfortably on my head

Brydon - QLD
Purchased the promax 500 to replace an old miller digital elite. So far very happy with the purchase price and performance.

Mabhu - SA
Wide weld shield and cristal clear clarity.
Excellent helmet for the value.

John - NSW
Its Great. Super Duper

Brad - QLD
I've only had this helmet for a week or so but I already love it, it reminds me of a miller I had years ago, but the value for money far exceeds the millers! I have found my new go to welding helmet!

Mark - SA
It is a Fantastic unit at a very reasonable price.

Geoffrey - WA
Great product priced correctly.

Mike - SA
This helmet is great so far when changing welding positions the large viewing screen make it so easy for me to see where the students are going wrong with there welding techniques

Jason - QLD
first new helmet in 5 years ...so far really happy with it ..top product

Neil - VIC
Great Helmet, large clear viewing area, no more glasses for welding !!!!!!!!

Dragan - VIC
Awesome helmet. Such clear vision when welding. Easy to.handle.and operate!

Garry - VIC
I have used and we use a lot of different welding helmets in our workshop and I have been impressed with this helmet and its fast darkening response and switching speed. After the initial 2 days of welding so far I have found there to be no eye strain at all especially using Tig on Stainless Steel welding. I will certainly consider these helmets in the future as we routinely go through them due to wear and tear but most impressed.

Robert - QLD

tig welder - VIC
Impressed with the response and performance of the helmet used pretty well all the name brands of helmets over the years this is as good as the best and better than most will buy again.

Jacob - NT
The helmet is brilliant, love it

Neil - NSW
Excellent vision, good range of shades. Head gear a little uncomfortable, could be a bit wider. ( I am Bald!)
Overall a marked improvement from my old Migomag helmet which was 15 years old.

Nick - VIC
It's great, my old helmet was a push button start and couldn't adjust the shade so this has been a huge upgrade

Shaun - QLD
Awesome. Plus all the dials are inside, so no bumping the shade or sensitivity function.
Plus easy lens replacement

Simon - QLD
very impressed.

Des - WA
Just brought it but not used it yet but looks a lot nicer than my old one.

Henry - QLD
Comfortable to ware & very responsive
What more could you want....

Reece - SA
Great Helmet

Matthew - QLD
I love the product and am considering buy another for work
I would like to try other products from this brand

Richard - NSW
Great helmet and I look forward to a great relationship with it. I've been looking for a full face large windowed visor for years and here it is. Thanks a bunch.

Bob - WA
Great helmet,

Adam - NSW
Excellent price for the handy man use

Greg NSW
Only been using it for a week. Seems to be by far the best I have used in 50 years welding.

Thank you for supplying a fantastic welding shield at a great price . Outstanding service from the team at Weldclass . You certainly have been listening to your customers , and I am very grateful .

Grant Darby
I absolutely love my "Promax 500" welding helmet, so much better in every way than my old one. I soldiered on with my old helmet not realizing just how good these new helmets are. If your fighting with an older helmet I can't recommend the "Promax 500" highly enough.

Thomas - VIC
Nothing all's good..the price is right and the welding helmet good quality and does the job beautifully...thanks

Grant - QLD
I absolutely love my "Promax 500" welding helmet, so much better in every way than my old one. I soldiered on with my old helmet not realizing just how good these new helmets are. If your fighting with an older helmet I can't recommend the "Promax 500" highly enough.

Sam - WA
Nice design and very lightweight helmet , it is comfortable to wear nearly all day for welding stainless steel.The helmet works fantastic and the price is great recommended.

Graham - QLD
When inspecting your helmets for purchase, I noticed that the Promax 350 had a handy booklet on all your products. The Promax 500 I purchased did not have one. It would be handy to have for the shed, where I do not have internet service. Nothing major. On a good note, Your Helmet, looks, feels and works great. Cheers.

Mike - SA
Bought premax 500 helmet, great piece of kit, light, adjustable and a fantastic large screen. Also a great price for the high quality and spec. I would certainly recommend this helmet.

Kain - SA
great looking helmet. really comfortable and light to wear/use. good quality.
thanks guys keep up the good products

Jed - QLD
I started off with a Weldclass Promax300 helmet and recently upgraded to a Promax 500 and must say i am very impressed with the extra viewing area and colour vision in the Promax 500. I would however like to see a more robust and durable adjustment system on the side on the helmet as the plastic threads did not last long on my Promax 300 and to my suprise the same system is being used on the 500.
All in all a great product at an exceptional price and i look forward to seeing new products from Weldclass for my next upgrade or purchase.

Rizalito - NT
Such a nice welding helmet, light and very comportable....easy to use...

Daniel - TAS
I like the size of the viewing screen on the Promax 500.

Peter - NSW
good visibility and comfortable

Tony - VIC
Purchased the Promax 500 on the reccommendation of the salesman. I wanted a helmet with a great view that worked with my multifocal glasses. Well I have to say this is one awesome helmet, no more peering over my nose trying to see what Im doing. thanks heaps for the helmet and thanks to the salesman for the recommendation.

Greg - QLD
Received a Promax 500 for a birthday present and have found it very comfortable with a good big Lens.

Wayne - QLD
The helmet has improved the welds as i can see what I'm doing compaired to an old 1980's fixed lense type.The battery low power led has been visable from the first time i purchased & tradetools wont replace.not impressed other than that a good helmet . cheers

Carl - WA
Love this big window in this new helmet

Tyson - NSW
Purchased pro max 500. great viewing screen great to use

Shane - QLD
Purchased the Peomax 500, am pleased with how simple and easy and lightweight it is to use Thanks keep up the fantastic job

Gary - SA
Love the big screen

Alex - NSW
Had trouble at start, started flashing me after two hrs of operation. No battery in helmet, now works great for tig, mig and oxy cutting. Best helmet I have purchased.

Lou - SA
I bought a Promax 500 Helmet - great big viewing area - light weight, comfortable and priced well, keep advancing the technology, very happy with the product.

Klaas - QLD
Should have bought a new auto helmet earlier, promax 500 is so good, responsive great vieuw light and easy to wear and flip up, thrown my old auto helmet in the bin had it for 20 years and was more than 2x price of my new helmet. Thank you.

Marcus - QLD
Pro max 500 . Comfortable to wear all day, highly responsive and great field of vision. Would recommend to anyone.

Kallum - QLD
Nice viewing area

Bill - QLD
Promax 500-------It has a super wide screen which is great for a 1/2 blind person like me. So much better than the cheap 1 it replaced.

Ray - QLD
the Promax 500 is fantastic, large screen, so much better than my old helmet
has given me so much more confidence

Ben - QLD
I purchased the Promax 500 and it's fantastic. Heaps of room for a respirator, lots of viewing area and the clarity is great.

Darren - VIC
I bought the promax 500. Great welding helmet is starts super fast every time and provides a great view of the welding process. I highly recommend the helmet.

John - QLD
Great Helmet so far.....lightweight, sensitive, and love the oversize viewing area.

Chris - QLD
The helmet is fantastic! The extra wide lense helps me see EVERYTHING! Ty guys :)

May - NSW
I'm loving my Promax 500,vision is second to none and comfortable aswell highly recommend it for any class of welder.

Carl - QLD
Awsome helmet so much better than the cheap one that it replaced.

Eric - VIC
Bought and used my promax today very happy with the level of comfort and performance.It has replaced my trusty Miller helmet which l have used every day for the last 5/6 years with no problems,l hope l get the same reliability from the Promax , the price was $200 cheaper but still gave a two year warranty on the helmet very pleased cheers Eric

Adriana - VIC
hi there
As a retired old school welder I still use my welder nearly every day with my old basic helmet, after I purchased the Promax 500 I realize how much more viewing space and more clarity I am experiencing.
with this I like to thank you very much for your product and put back the fun and satisfaction in my welding skills.

Phillip - SA
This is the best helmet I have used although it would be nice to have the grind/weld switch on the outside of the helmet for easy access.

Steven - QLD
The promax 500 just has to be the best value welding helmet in its class. To get all the features and comfort elsewhere you have to spend upwards of $400.00, and then most of the cash goes on a brand name. I'd rather just buy a great product!

Dennis - NSW
Absolutely brilliant helmet!

Tony - QLD
Just bought a promax 500 hands down the best helmet I have ever used and at a very affordable price well done weld class.

Scott Greenslade
This helmet is my first ever welding helmet. The screen size is unreal for the price I paid versus some of the other helmets for double the cost. Excellent quality too! Very impressed with it thank you. Regards Scott

Scott - SA
This helmet is my first ever welding helmet. The screen size is unreal for the price I paid versus some of the other helmets for double the cost. Excellent quality too! Very impressed with it thank you. Regards Scott

Kevin McGill
Comfortable fit. Love the big viewing area.

Kevin - WA
Comfortable fit. Love the big viewing area.

Geoff - NSW
My Promax 500 helmet is excellent. I'm a 71 year old bloke who uses it daily while welding and it's been a fantastic piece of equipment to use.

Liam - QLD
I bought the Pro Max 500 from Blacksmith Jacks. Very large, clear, viewing area. nice responsive helmet on low amperage TIG welding which is what I bought it specifically for. Great customer service from weldclass. Consumable spares readily available too.

Lincoln - QLD
I bought a weld class promax 500 helmet best helmet i have ever used now just updated my torch and also very happy very comfortable to use well done weld class.

Sebastian - QLD
Great quality products !

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