Welding Helmet - Jackson WH70

The Jackson WH70 is an undisputed world leader among auto-darkening welding helmets. Worlds Best Vision (1/1/1/1/ optical rating), Worlds Best Warranty (5 years), superior European Quality & Reliability, Super Intelligent Sensing, Large view area & more. Expect an amazingly crisp view of the weld, exceptional comfort & ultra reliable switching. Click on 'More Info' for a full list of features.

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Jackson WH70 GDS
Jackson WH70 GDS
Also Known As:
Welding Welders Helmet Mask Hood, Automatic Electronic Auto Darkening Self Darkening Automatic flash-over, Balder BH3, Kimberly-Clark, stocked in Australia

Jackson WH70 with Balder Technology... "Worlds Best Vision"

> Balder Technology - World's first 1/1/1/1 Optical Rating - Incredible Clarity of Vision before, during & after welding
> Industry leading 5 year warranty (on electronic lens)
> Superior European Quality, Reliability and Design
> AS1337.1 High-Impact Rated

> For Welding Professionals & Workshops that demand the ULTIMATE in Productivity, Safety & Comfort

> For MIG, TIG & Stick, including low-amp TIG down to 1 Amps

> Low-Profile External Controls - No need to remove or lift the helmet to adjust settings
> Shade Adjustment with Dual Range: 6-8 for Oxy/Plasma Cutting & 9-13 for Arc Welding
> Grind Mode - with a flick of the switch you're ready to grind, without lifting the helmet
> Sensitivity - adjusts to suit almost any arc welding environment

> Large viewing area (96x68.5mm)
> Dual Sensors + Intelligent Sensing Technology: Enhanced ability to distinguish between the welding arc & other light sources
> Ultra reliable switching, even in the trickiest situations such as low amp TIG, aluminium welding, stainless welding, etc
> TIG Optimised down to 1 amp - The ultimate TIG welders helmet !
> 100% Solar Powered, 100% Reliable - No batteries to replace, no on/off buttons, ready to weld at any time
> Balder Solar Technology powers the lens from the welding arc in any environment, regardless of ambient light level
> Lightweight and well-balanced - easy to wear... all day long
> Jackson '375' Headgear: Confortable, Robust & Easy to Adjust. Firm latching in the up or down position.
> Slim Profile for ease of access in confined areas
> Magnifying lens kit available
> Tested & Confirms to: AS1337.1 High-Impact (helmet), AS1338.1 (lens)
> Fast & Easy Cover Lens Replacement

Mark, Welding Inspector - NSW
I'm very impressed with the Jackson WH70 helmet. The optical quality is great and I like the dual range setting it has. I was a bit skeptical about the external controls given past bad experiences, however I've quickly changed my mind with this helmet. In particular the change between weld and grind mode is simple and easily achieved. I've used it for MIG, MMA and TIG and the view of the weld pool is excellent.
The head harness is comfortable and I like the fact it locks up in place rather than relying solely on the tension applied by the fixings that hold the harness to the shell. Some of the newer style head harnesses used by others take a lot of time to get just right. Another good point was the light weight of the helmet lends itself well to all day use.
I've been in the trade for over thirty years and I'd rate this as one of the best helmets I've used.

Graeme - WA
I like the helmet and also the boys at work and 3 other blokes asked me to get them one as well.

Bob Dowling - WA
I had a speedglas for about 6 years and this is just that much better. would recommend to anyone welding.