Welding Helmets - PROMAX 350

Our most popular auto-darkening welding helmet. The PROMAX 350 electronic welding helmet is suitable for MIG, Stick & TIG welding. Stand-out features include; 4 senors for reliable switching & a generous viewing area, larger than many other helmets in this class. Variable Shade 9-13, Sensitivity & Delay Adjustments, Grind-Mode switch, replaceable battery, magnification lens holder & more. Comfortable, very lightweight & superior optics. Click on 'More Info' for a full list of features. Find out what sets Promax helmets apart - CLICK HERE

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Promax 350 Fire Metal
Promax 350 Fire Metal
Also Known As:
Welding Welders Helmet Mask Hood, Automatic Electronic Auto Darkening Self Darkening Automatic flash-over, Stocked in Australia, replacement for Promax 300 Mach 3

> Enjoy a Generous Viewing Area - larger than many other helmets in this class (100 x 53mm)
> Ultra-Clear Vision
> 4 Arc Sensors for reliable arc detection & switching

> Ideal for MIG & Stick Welding, also suits TIG applications down to 30 amps
> For: Light to Medium Fabrication, Rural, Maintenance, etc

> Functions: Variable Shade 9-13, Sensitivity & Delay Adjustments, plus Grind-Mode switch (locks the lens in light shade)
> Warranty: 2 year/24 months - Up to 100% longer than other helmets in this class
> Viewing area: 100 x 53mm
> High-Impact tested and rated to Australian standard AS1337.1
> Auto-darkening lens complies with AS1338.1
> 'Hinge & Lock' Lens Retainer System = Easy cover lens replacement, Seals tightly against spatter to prevent damage to electronic lens
> Magnification lens holder - takes standard magnification lenses
> Reliable Power Source: Replaceable battery plus solar assist, efficient electronics for low power consumption
> 'Full Laminate' Lens Construction: Each layer in the electronic lens assembly is firmly laminated for superior optical quality and long service life. This is in contrast to cheaper lenses which are simply glued on the edge and, over time, are prone to contamination and failure.
> Lightweight, Durable and Shock Resistant shell
> Auto-on & Auto-off = No buttons to press, Hassle-Free operation

Damon - SA
Awesome, my first auto switching welding mask I've been using an old manual mask for years.

John - NSW
Clear vision an easy to make adjustments , comfortable when wearing

Chris - SA
Awesome such a step up compared to traditional welders helmets

Brian - QLD
bloody brilliant. no more flicking the head.

Dirk - SA
Always have and always will use weldclass

Geoff - NSW
Easy to use adjustable head harness and I like the grind feature and the battery saver

Henry - NSW
great unit , had a cigweld unit never again , keep up the good work

Douglas - VIC
I like the large view window and the helmet’s lightweight.
Also good glare protection.
Regards Doug

Kris - SA
Have not welded with it yet. Fits Nicely, good field of view.
sensitive enough to flick off on led lights.
Looking forward to getting the new welder setup.

Brad - QLD
Just bought my first auto darkening helmet after 20yrs of the old manual lid and wow, should a done it yrs ago.

Philip - WA
Best helmet I have ever used

Geoff - QLD
Absolutely fantastic. Used for first time today and can see so not guessing where I'm welding when striking arc as with old helmet. Large veiwing area great for welding and grinding. Saves me heaps of time and should have gotten it years ago.

Robert - NSW
Great product. Price and quality of product is excellent. Easy to wear for extended periods.

John - NSW
This is my second Promax 350. I won the second helmet after registering my first Promax 350 online and being entered into the draw.I'm extremely happy with all my Weldclass helmets.
My very first Weldclass helmet is a Mach 2, purchased approx 10 - 12 years ago and is now being handed on to my grandson. The Mach 2 still works fine and has only had one new battery in all that time.
Keep the good products coming.
Regards. John Morrison.

Craig - VIC
Bought this helmet to learn tig welding for automotive restoration.
So far so good vision through the helmet is good and auto darken works great.

Christopher - VIC
Couldn't be happier with this helmet will definitely be recommending!

Antonius - NSW
I gave my old helmet the heave ho after testing The Promax 350 the window was just so much bigger and reaction great!

Robert - QLD
The guy at the store said this is the best value for money
And he was correct best mask I have used thank you

Justin - SA
Great looking unit
Nice finish
Storage bag is an excellent idea
Grind mode for battery life is awesome
Positive clicking on the adjustment is good
Can't wait to try it out

Greg - VIC
only just purchased it. Works fabulous ! having read the instructions book, It is the easiest helmet I’ve used to change out the protective glasses & having a low battery light is a massive plus for safety . 12 mths warranty,The bag & spare lens’s is a bonus too.
Very happy, will recommend ! Cheers

Nick - QLD
Good helmet very clear crisp vision

Mitchell - QLD
The helmet is maaad, I love it, it's realy quick so I don't get any flash, I don't know how it could be better.

Jess - QLD
I love it. It is the best helmet i have ever welded in.

Mathew - NSW
My second auto welding helmet as a hobbyist.
Brilliant. Comfortable. Perhaps a bit sensitive - even in the lowest setting - but you only get 1 set of eyes.
And the rods I got with it performed as well as those at twice the price.
Will use Weldclass by choice in the future.

Mathew - SA
I am really pleased with my purchase so far. It works as well as I was expecting. I am hoping that it will last a long time without failing and I will be looking after it to help ensure that it does.
I also liked the inclusion of the welding catalogue and proper information book etc. in the box. Overall a very professionally presented package and seems to be a good quality. I feel that some of the questions for warranty registration that are required fields do not apply for home use.
Thank you.

Geoffrey - QLD
The helmet is awesome. It is much better than the ordinary helmet that I had

Jessica - NSW
I’m so happy with my new welding helmet. Iv tried cheaper ones but will never go back.

Gary - WA
After using only a generic welding helmet for years,the Promax 350 has created a smooth transition into the electronic welding helmets range.
Thankyou Weldclass

Caleb - VIC
Great Company to deal with. Very help full and pleasant whenever I have been in touch. Highly recommend this company to all. Thank you.

Bevan - QLD
Without a doubt this helmet has made my welding experiences better than ever before. Now l wonder why l put up with my previous helmets.

Mike - WA
I have found this helmet to be extremely user friendly and provides excellent safety

Tom - NSW
I Used my helmet soon as I brought it. very comfortable an light so far so good

Nick - VIC
Very good helemt and the best in it's price bracket. Other manufacturers are asking too much

Tim - QLD
Love it. Light, comfortable and great field of view.

Adrian - QLD
This is my second 350 helmet , works very well. I have used it doing heavy weld many run weld extreme heat situations and light duty as well. Very versatile at a good price.

Seb - SA
Love the helmet! A step up from what we used to have

Bevan - QLD
At last l have a welding helmet l have confidence in. So far have only used it very little, but even for that much was glad l chose this one. Thanks. Bevan.

Gavin - VIC
Nice fit and great viewing area

Brian - SA
Looks good and first welding job already done and very impressed with helmets bigger view. Cheers Brian

Dean - NSW
I have been a welder for about 30 years, this is the best helmet I have used in that time wish I had it along time ago. I would recommend this item to anyone.

Anthony - NSW
I would highly recommend my helmet as it works well nothing complicated about it very simple n was great value for money

Mike - WA
Excellent helmet makes welding so easy and safe, I would recommend it to anyone wanting a welding Helmet.

David - VIC
Its great Its easy to use Worth the money

Barry - NSW
Just purchased today will be using the helmet over the week end but already i feel confident that the helmet is right as it fits well on my head and feels comfortable ,i don't get this from other brands which i have to modify and adjust just to get them to sit right regards Barry

Matthew - QLD
Love the lightness of the helmet, compared to my previous one which seemed to weigh a tonne

Paul - QLD
We have not used it yet but it looks like a well manufactured item. Very happy with the product.

glen lyons - WA
Very nice helmet, the best I have used

Purchased my Promax helmet only a month or so ago, this is my first auto helmet, very impressed and happy with it. Would purchase another no problems. Good price, Good product.

David - QLD
After using a normal old welding helmet for near on 30 years, going to an automatic one, Promax 350, has been the best thing. Clearer vision, no flicking of the mask to close the lens, clearer vision especially as age creeps up eyesight is not as good. Best thing I have ever done. Used to use welders everyday but now its pretty much home use. Would recommend Weldclass to anyone. Great product.

David - QLD
I have found my 350 helmet very functional, and have had no trouble setting it up, great design thank you very much. D Senden

Aaron - NSW
I love the affordability of your product and the quality

Gary - NSW
I did some research before buying and came to the conclusion that this unit would suit me well. All of the reviews were positive, which is a rarity these days. I checked with my local dealer and he was able to give me a very good price. I have tried the helmet yesterday and this morning and it works wonders. So far superior to my old helmet. Couldn't be better thanks. Regards, Gary

Sam Lunghitano
Nice design and very lightweight helmet , it is comfortable to wear nearly all day for welding stainless steel.The helmet works fantastic and the price is great recommended.

Annika - QLD
Already used a few times and really happy with it, very good for the price and have heard all good things about your brand

Dale - TAS
I loved my previous Promax 350 that much, I took it home to use and purchased another one for work.

Our main welder has told us it is the best auto darkening helmet he has used - must be the four sensors. He is intending to purchase one for his own home use. We manufacture, among other things, portable cabins. These have a very heavy chassis that must be fully welded - hence the need for a first class helmet that is reliable. The replaceable battery is an extremely attractive feature that is not used in many helmets. So far we have found nothing on the Weldclass 350 helmet that we would change. We will be looking at other Weldclass products to see how they can be used in our workshop.

Ken - VIC
Promax 350-This is an awesome helmet, it's lightweight, comfortable, has great visibility and is great value for money.

Brock - QLD
This helmet is the most comfortable an easy to see out of helmet I've had

Paul - NSW
My promax welding helmet is outstanding,its packed with a bunch of great features.I am so happy I bought a promax welding helmet.

Dave - NSW
I have just bought a weldclass helmet and am thrilled with it's performance and looks and think it's a great helmet for any boilermaker thankyou!! Ps please send me catalogues if possible thanks heaps!!

Paul - QLD
Very comfortable helmet to wear all day with great clear vision.

Jack - NT
As a startup racing team weld class gear is both affordable and quality. Thanks for your support.

Beau - QLD
I LOVE Weldclass helmets! After using mine at work every day of the week for the past 4 years, I could not help but purchase a Promax 350 for myself at home! I love the comfort of Weldclass helmets and for how comfortable they are to wear, and they can cop a flogging. I love seeing the changes and touches Weldclass is constantly making to improve their helmets. Top job guys, very happy with your products!

Michael - WA
Great product, love the idea of 'no more arc strikes' in the wrong place!...

Mark - SA
I recently bought a Promax 350 helmet and I am amazed how much clearer it is than my old helmet. It is also more comfortable to wear. (I just have to remember to turn it on when going to use it) old one was solar powered ;-)