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Recently-Launched & Updated Products

  • The Ultra 220MP is a Single-Phase Pulse MIG welder with Double/Dual Pulse MIG, Single Pulse MIG, conventional MIG and Root MIG, plus Stick and DC TIG capability.
    Developed by Weldclass Australia in partnership with one of Europe's largest and most exerienced welding machine manufacturing plants, the 220MP is made in Italy and backed up by a leading 4 year warranty and 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee. The 220MP offers: user-friendly controls with interactive colour LCD screen, Swiss-made intelligent wire drive system, Job save, USB interface, Push-Pull torch compatability & much more - all in a compact 22kg package.
    Designed from the ground up to be simple and easy to operate, the 220MP is an ideal unit for producing fast, high-quality, low-spatter and visually appealing welds with Aluminium, Stainless-Steel, Bronze and Mild Steel wires. Recommended for welding up to 5-6mm thick material on pulse modes, and 8-10mm material in standard (non-pulse) modes.
    Comes with; 3m MIG torch with remote amp +/- controls, gas regulator, drive rollers for Alu & steel wires, earth lead & 15A plug fitted. See 'more info' tab below for full specifications.
  • Solid brass earth/ground clamps. Suitable for heavy use & high-duty cycle applications. G-clamp style for firm attachment and reliable earth connection.
  • Wire cup brushes for angle grinders with twist-knot wire for aggressive removal of rust, scale, burrs, etc. Available in mild steel and stainless steel, in various sizes to suit all angle grinders. Made in Europe using high-tensile wire for demanding industrial use and superior brush life.
    Includes the unique OPTI-5 series cup brushes designed for optimum performance on 125mm/5" grinders.
  • Economical, low cost welding curtain frames, screens & kits. Steel pipe frames with quick spring-pin joints. Available as frame only, or in kit form with curtain included.
  • Long-Life hardfacing 'MIG' wire for ground-engaging equipment. Very high resistance to abrasion with up to 3-4 times better wear life vs basic hardfacing wires*... thanks to special carbide additives not found in other wires.
    Recommended for metal-to-earth applications where wear is mostly caused by abrasion, with low-to-medium impact; points, tynes, buckets, teeth, screws, augers, grousers, etc.
    Gasless wire for easy application. Available in 1.2mm in 15kg or 4.5kg spools. Requires minimum 140 amps, suitable for use with 200A-250A MIG welders.
  • Designed to suit the Weldclass Ultra 220MP Pulse MIG welder, the PLATINUM PP365 is a European made & designed 8m push-pull torch offering superior quality and ergonomics to reduce operator fatigue.
    Thanks an advanced Swiss-made digital motor, the PP365 handpiece is more compact and up to 1kg lighter than other torches on the market. The motor is also more powerful than traditional motors for reliable wire feeding.
    Takes BZL 36 series front-end parts & comes with both 180-degree straight neck and 30-degree bent neck.