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  • Protection meets perfection: For those who take a bit more pride in their work, there's the PROMAX 600. A next generation helmet from Weldclass, incorporating a leading 7-year warranty offer, Advanced digital controls, Extra-large 80cm2 'Landscape' view, Ultra-crisp optics with enhanced colour recognition, Cut mode, Gradient mode, Memory function, Wrap-a-round headgear and more! Plus the comfort, reliability and great value that Weldclass helmets have delivered for decades.
  • 5183 grade MIG wire for welding 5083 and some other aluminium alloys. Offers excellent corrosion resistance and high strength (especially at lower temperatures), and is often used for applications such as boat-building, marine, cryogenics, etc. Sometimes referred to as 'marine grade'. Manufactured with strict quality-control, layer-wound for reliable wire feeding. Available in 1.2mm 6kg.
  • 4043 grade MIG wire for welding a wide range of aluminium alloys. Offers excellent crack-resistance, fluid weld pool and is preferred by some welders for an aesthetically superior weld finish. Manufactured with strict quality-control, layer-wound for reliable wire feeding. Available in 1.0mm & 1.2mm x 6kg.
  • PLATINUM TK Super-Flex series torches offer exceptional flexibility and control, even in the most delicate and demanding TIG applications. Designed for use on professional TIG welding machines, where a foot controller/pedal is in use and a light weight, flexible and slimline / low-profile torch is preferred. Features highly flexible 1-piece cable with soft braided cover, flexi torch head, parts kit, and a range of gas fittings to suit most machines.
  • PLATINUM PX series TIG parts feature glass cups / nozzles, and are available as complete kits or individual replacement parts. High-temperature glass cups provide superior arc visibility compared to ceramic cups, benefiting experienced and beginner operators alike.
    Fit to common 17/18/26 series torches, premium parts designed for consistency and long-life, no quality short-cuts. Also compatible with Unimig pyrex series.
    Parts kits include compact storage box, to easily fit in any toolbox or hang on pegboard/slatwall, with images and part numbers for easy identification and re-ordering.
  • The high-performance, All-metal tungsten! Weldclass RE4 purple-tip TIG Tungsten electrodes are suitable for both DC (Steel, Stainless steel etc) and AC (Aluminium) TIG welding. Maintains tip shape, reliable arc striking, low burn off rate, long service life and smooth/stable arc.