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Some 'backstage' footage of Weldclass products coming through the production line, complete with our new branding!


Recently-Launched & Updated Products

  • Solid brass earth/ground clamps. Suitable for heavy use & high-duty cycle applications. G-clamp style for firm attachment and reliable earth connection.
  • Wire cup brushes for angle grinders with twist-knot wire for aggressive removal of rust, scale, burrs, etc. Available in mild steel and stainless steel, in various sizes to suit all angle grinders. Made in Europe using high-tensile wire for demanding industrial use and superior brush life.
    Includes the unique OPTI-5 series cup brushes designed for optimum performance on 125mm/5" grinders.
  • Economical, low cost welding curtain frames, screens & kits. Steel pipe frames with quick spring-pin joints. Available as frame only, or in kit form with curtain included.
  • Long-Life hardfacing 'MIG' wire for ground-engaging equipment. Very high resistance to abrasion with up to 3-4 times better wear life vs basic hardfacing wires*... thanks to special carbide additives not found in other wires.
    Recommended for metal-to-earth applications where wear is mostly caused by abrasion, with low-to-medium impact; points, tynes, buckets, teeth, screws, augers, grousers, etc.
    Gasless wire for easy application. Available in 1.2mm in 15kg or 4.5kg spools. Requires minimum 140 amps, suitable for use with 200A-250A MIG welders.