Pulse MIG Welder - ULTRA 220MP Dual Pulse

Now available with 10-year warranty
The Ultra 220MP is a Single-Phase Pulse MIG welder with Double/Dual Pulse MIG, Single Pulse MIG, conventional MIG and Root MIG, plus Stick and DC TIG capability.
Developed by Weldclass Australia in partnership with one of Europe's largest and most experienced welding machine manufacturing plants, the 220MP is made in Italy. The 220MP offers: user-friendly controls with interactive colour LCD screen, Swiss-made intelligent wire drive system, Job save, USB interface, Push-Pull torch compatability & much more - all in a compact 22kg package.
Designed from the ground up to be simple and easy to operate, the 220MP is an ideal unit for producing fast, high-quality, low-spatter and visually appealing welds with Aluminium, Stainless-Steel, Bronze and Mild Steel wires. Recommended for welding up to 5-6mm thick material on pulse modes, and 8-10mm material in standard (non-pulse) modes.
Comes with; 3m MIG torch with remote amp +/- controls, gas regulator, drive rollers for Alu & steel wires, earth lead & 15A plug fitted. See 'more info' tab below for full specifications.
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Optional Push-Pull Torch - CLICK HERE to view
Optional Push-Pull Torch - CLICK HERE to view
Optional Stick Welding Lead (WC-06233) - CLICK HERE to view
Optional Stick Welding Lead (WC-06233) - CLICK HERE to view
Optional TIG Torch - CLICK HERE to view
Optional TIG Torch - CLICK HERE to view
Optional Welding Trolley - CLICK HERE to view
Optional Welding Trolley - CLICK HERE to view
WC-220MP 134.35


View 220MP online User Guide   What is Pulse MIG welding?



  • Pulse-on-Pulse (Double Pulse) MIG
  • Single Pulse MIG, with easy-pulse mode for beginners
  • Non-pulse MIG, with option of manual or synergic controls
  • Root MIG: Special mode for "gap-bridging" and root-pass MIG welding of mild steel with results comparable to TIG
  • Stick / MMA
  • TIG (DC Lift-Arc)



  • Made in Europe
  • 220A max MIG output
  • Welds up to 5-6mm material thickness (pulse modes) or 8-10mm Mild Steel (non-pulse modes)
  • Fitted with 15A 240V plug



  • World-first 10-year warranty**
  • Very easy to operate with large Colour LCD Display and intuitive, easy-to-follow controls
  • Made in Italy to Weldclass specifications, in one of Europe's largest & most experienced welding machine manufacturing plants
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee***
  • Swiss-made intelligent wire drive system with Tacheometric Control: Machine software monitors wire feed speed against weld parameters, at intervals of more than 100 times per second, and automatically applies "micro adjustments" to for exceptionally smooth and reliable wire feeding
  • Remote amp +/- controls on MIG torch handpiece
  • Push-Pull Ready: Software pre-configured & ready for use with optional Push-Pull MIG Torch
  • Job Save to capture specific parameters / settings with custom naming and easy recall for the next time you need to repeat the same job/weld
  • USB interface allows fast & easy software upgrades throughout the life of the machine, plus importing & exporting of saved settings between multiple 220MP machines
  • Wave OS (operating system) software enables the recording, download (via USB) and full analysis of weld data - useful for: critical and high-compliance applications and training purposes
  • Compact and portable, weighs 22kg
  • Takes D200mm (5kg steel / 2kg Alu) or D300mm (15kg steel / 6-7kg Alu) spools
  • Large "35-50" cable connections
  • Generator Compatible - min 13kva, ideal 15+kva



  • Single or Double Pulse MIG welding 20-220A with Aluminium (0.8-1.2mm wires / 0.8-5.0/6.0mm material*), Stainless-Steel (0.8-1.0mm wires / 0.8-5.0mm material), & Bronze/Brazing (0.8-0.9mm wires / 0.8-5.0mm material)
  • Conventional Non-Pulse MIG welding 20-220A with solid mild steel (0.6-1.2mm wires / 0.5-10mm material), stainless-steel (0.8-1.0mm wires), aluminium (0.8-1.2mm wires / 3-8mm material) & bronze/brazing (0.8-0.9mm wires)
  • Pulse MIG welding with optional Push-Pull MIG Torch and 0.8-1.2mm wires
  • Stick/MMA welding 20-160A with most types of common electrodes (2.0-4.0mm), including steel, stainless-steel, hardfacing & more
  • TIG welding 20-160A (DC Lift-Arc) of steel, stainless, copper & chrome molly up to 4mm max thickness (NOT suitable for TIG welding of aluminium - this requires AC/DC TIG capability, such as the Weldforce 202T)



  • PoP (Pulse-on-Pulse / Double Pulse) mode
  • AB Pulse (Single Pulse) mode
  • Easy-Mode (available in single pulse and non-pulse modes), ideal for beginner pulse welders: simplifies screen/controls & prevents unintentional adjustment of the wrong parameter
  • Pulse wave adjustments: Start Current amps/time, Start-Slope time, Main Current, Secondary Current & Frequency (double pulse), End Slope time, End Current amps/time
  • Root MIG mode: Used with mild steel wire only. Enables gap-filling & first-pass (root) welding of pieces that are spaced apart (poor fit-up, gaps, cracks, etc) that traditionally would only be achievable by TIG welding. Weld pool is typically colder than the arc for very low heat & minimal distortion.
  • Trigger modes: 2T, 4T & unique 4T Bi-Level which allows the operator to "manually double-pulse" (manually switch between primary and secondary current levels by quickly pulling then releasing the trigger)
  • Other MIG Adjustments include: Arc Length, Inductance, Soft Start, Burnback, Pre-Gas time, Post-Gas time, Spot Weld time
  • Stick/MMA Adjustments include: Hot-Start %, Arc-Force %



  • MIG Torch BZL 36* 3m with remote amp +/- controls on handle & aluminium kit (for 1.0/1.2mm alu wires)
  • Gas Regulator (made in Europe)
  • Earth Lead 4m
  • Driver Roller for 1.0/1.2mm Aluminium wires
  • Driver Roller for 0.8/0.9mm Steel/solid wires

*Units supplied by Weldclass from May 2024 have BZL 36 torch.  Units supplied prior to May 2024 have BZL 25 torch torch.



*Units supplied by Weldclass from May 2024 have BZL 36 torch.  Units supplied prior to May 2024 have BZL 25 torch torch.





What is the Maximum material thickness the 220MP can MIG weld? 
Firstly it is important to understand that;  
a. The 'maximum weldable thickness' will be less in pulse modes than it will in non-pulse modes. This is becuase pulse is more complex, with multiple current levels, and typically requires more power than conventional MIG to weld the same material thickness.   
b. The same applies to single-pulse and double-pulse:  Single-pulse will typically allow welding of slightly heavier materials compared to double-pulse.  
c. Maximum thickness capacity will vary depending on the application. One important factor is 'heat sink'. Larger workpieces / components absorb more heat (especially aluminium which is a very good thermal conductor), which means more/higher current is required, which then reduces the maximum weldable thickness.  
In NON-Pulse manual mode, the 220MP will weld up to approx. 10mm mild steel or 8mm aluminium.  
In Pulse modes, the maximum material thickness is around 5mm.  If welding aluminium, Single-Pulse mode will weld up to 6mm, Double-Pulse up to 5mm.  
For the above reasons, successful Pulse MIG welding of materials over 5-6mm typically requires 3-phase machines.  

What is the Minimum material thickness the 220MP can MIG weld? 
Again, this will vary depending on the application. Following is a general guide;  
Aluminium: While the 220MP pulse & non-pulse programs have a minimum thickness setting of 0.8mm, welding Aluminium less than 2mm with pulse (or less than 3mm with conventional MIG) can be very challenging. Fortunately the vast majority of aluminium applications involve material thickness of 2-3mm or more.  
Stainless-Steel: Pulse mode is highly recommended for thin stainless material, to minimise distortion. Minimum thickness setting in pulse mode is 0.8mm.  
Bronze: Minimum thickness setting in pulse mode is 0.8mm.  
Mild Steel: The ATC (Advanced Thermal Control) feature allows excellent results when welding thin steel in Synergic Non-Pulse mode. Minimum thickness setting in Synergic mode is 0.6mm, however this setting can also be used for welding down to 0.5mm material.   

Can you Pulse MIG weld mild steel with the 220MP? 
The 220MP can be used to weld mild-steel wires in non-pulse (Manual, Synergic or Root MIG) modes, however not in pulse modes. There are several reasons for this;  
Mild-steel does not present the same "thermal challenges" as other metals like aluminium or stainless, and therefore pulse does not neccessarily offer the same advantages. For this reason, conventional MIG (rather than pulse MIG) is typically still the best process for welding mild steel, especially in the material thickness range that is achievable with single-phase machines.  
Pulse MIG can offer some productivity advantages for welding heavy steel, however this requires a high "peak" current which is available only from three-phase pulse machines.  
If welding thin mild steel material, the 220MP will offer exceptional thermal control in the non-pulse programs, due to the ATC (Advance Thermal Control) feature. The Root MIG program also allows "gap-fill" welding of mild steel (including thin material) with results that would normally only be achievable with TIG.   

Why is the drive system 2-roll & not 4-roll ? 
Reliable and consistant wire feeding is certainly essential for successful pulse MIG welding. To achieve this, traditional machines with "100% mechanical" drive controls rely on 4-roll drive systems. The 220MP, however, uses a Swiss-made intelligent 2-roll wire drive system with electronic Tacheometric Control. This means that the machine software monitors wire feed speed against weld parameters, at intervals of more than 100 times per second, and self-calibrates wire feed speed, for exceptionally smooth and consistant wire feeding.  
The result is wire feed that is not only as reliable as any 4-roll system, but is also live-syncronised with feedback from the arc parameters, to automatically compensate for any changes in the arc conditions. This helps to makes the 220MP simple and user-friendly to operate, so the operator can "set and forget" rather than spend time continually having to tweak machine settings.   
Also, being a portable single-phase machine, weight is obviously an important factor and utlilising an intelligent 2-roll system (rather than a heavier 4-roll system) contributes to the 220MP being one the most compact and lightweight machines in it's class (22kg).   

Why is the MIG torch supplied with the 220MP 3m long?  Can the 220MP be used with a 4m torch? 
The remote-control MIG torch supplied with the 220MP is 3m long.  This is the optimum length for successful & consistant wire feeding of aluminium, which is especially critical in pulse applications.    
If you need a torch longer than 3m for aluminium welding, we recommend the Platinum PP365 8m Push-Pull MIG Torch. 
If welding with steel or stainless-steel wires, a standard 4m torch can be used if required. For this we recommend the Promax BZL 36 torch.  

Does the 220MP have reverse-polarity / gasless wire capability ? 
For good reason, the 220MP does not have gasless wire (reverse MIG polarity) functionality.  
For successful and reliable pulse welding, it is absolutely essential that there are no loose connections anywhere along the "current path" - including all cables/leads and connections. Becuase the 220MP has been designed with Pulse MIG function as the #1 priority, the option of reverse polarity - for welding with gasless wire - has been deliberately excluded on this machine; A) because pulse is not applicable for gasless wire, and B) this minimises the number of connections, to prevent any issues caused due to incorrect polarity, loose / worn connections, etc.  


 **Standard warranty 2 years, with extended 10 year warranty available if registered online after purchase, click here for details.

Phillip - QLD
How likely would you be to recommend this product to a friend? (10 = very likely) = 8 Comments:
Very good welder, still early days and plenty to learn.
20/02/24 09:23

Peter - QLD
How likely would you be to recommend this product to a friend? (10 = very likely) = 10
I’m a boilermaker by trade so I have used many welding machines But I can honestly say this is one of the best single phase machines I have used
15/10/23 23:39

Guy - VIC
How likely would you be to recommend this product to a friend? (10 = very likely) = 9
Comments: Excellent
05/12/22 11:12 PM

John - VIC
How likely would you be to recommend this product to a friend? (10 = very likely) = 10
Comments: Seems like a nice welder. Welds nice
27/06/23 13:23

Damien - QLD
How likely would you be to recommend this product to a friend? (10 = very likely) = 10
Comments: Great. We bought it to speed up some of the (light gauge aluminium) fabrication processes where we had been using tig.
21/10/22 8:38 AM

Taha - NSW
How likely would you be to recommend this product to a friend? (10 = very likely) = 10
Comments: So far so good
16/01/23 9:43 PM

Lou - NSW
How likely would you be to recommend this product to a friend? (10 = very likely) = 10
Comments: Very well made love the machine
01/02/22 9:23 PM

Bryce - QLD
A fantastic welder, some of the best welds I've ever done, and the root gap function is phenomenal for panel welding. It's very easy to use and operate. This is my first time using a pulse MIG, and I have to say I'm extremely impressed. It was a breeze to set up. The welds that followed were a dramatic improvement, and I tried vert up, down, fillet, butt, lap, and overhead positions with great success. Even with minimal setting up, the machine performs beautifully. Welds look good, had great penetration, and passed bend tests. I'm very keen to hone the settings to allow a softer looking weld, but other than that, this machine is incredibly capable. I believe it will completely replace my AC/DC pulse TIG's role in my workshop.
24/10/2021 11:50 AM

Ryan - NSW

Angus - QLD

What are the stand-out features of this machine? Very easy-to-use, intuitive controls that are easy to follow for beginner or experienced pulse MIG welders alike.
Who would benefit most from this machine? Operators needing a single-phase machine that can deliver high-quality welding on a range of materials, especially aluminium.
Any not-so-obvious features we should know about? Remote amp controls on handpiece, intelligent wire drive system, USB interface.
Limitations to be aware of? Not suitable for welding gasless wire (there's very good reasons for this, see FAQs section under "More Info" tab).
Other comments? Compact, lighter than many other machines in it's class, so very portable for a pulse machine. Arguably the most affordable European-made 250A multi-function Pulse MIG readily available in Australia, with 10-year warranty.