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Jackson WH70 Welding Helmets... where it all started:

In the 1970s a team of scientists in Slovenia (Europe) started work on what was very likely the worlds first auto-darkening lens prototype. The end result?  The Jackson WH70 series.

Weldclass is the official agent for Jackson Safety Brand in Australasia... which means that the WH70 is now no further away than your local Weldclass distributor. 


What makes Jackson WH70 Helmet Superior to others?

Professional welders and user of welding helmets Australia wide have repeatedly told us that the Jackson WH70 has complimented their profession like no other welding helmet has ever done before.  

Here's why:

Amazing Clarity of Vision: Worlds first 1/1/1/1 rating, which is the best possible optical quality rating under the EN379 standard.  (Each of these numbers indicates performance in different aspects of optical quality, with 1 being the best rating possible & 4 being the lowest allowed rating).  In fact, Jackson's technology is so advanced that if there was such a thing as a 0.5/0.5/0.5/0.5 rating... then it would tick that box too!  In plain language, this simply means that Jackson offer the clearest view of your welding job that you have ever seen... before, during & after the weld.

Leading 5 year warranty:  The best warranty in the business. 

Intelligent sensing: Exceptional ability to sense the difference between a welding arc and other non-welding light sources. This means reliable switching and less time spent playing around with the helmet settings; the helmet stays dark when you need it to stay dark, or stays light when you need it to stay light. Sounds simple, but many welders will relate to situations where their helmet struggled to properly detect the weldering arc - especially when TIG welding. Often the Jackson WH70 can be left on maximum (or near maximum) sensitivity, and it will switch reliably without any need to continually change sensitivity settings.... something that you can't do with most other welding helmets.

Superior European ergonomics and reliability:  When you put on a Jackson WH70 for the first time, you instantly know that is has been designed by experts who pay attention to detail.  The headgear is a classic example of Jackson's "advanced yet simple" design: Robust, comfortable, easy to adjust (even with gloves on) and rotates and locks smoothly without needing to constantly tighten nuts and knobs.  Likewise, the helmet itself is robust, precisely made, yet simple and lightweight. 


What other welders say:

After trying the Jackson WH70 welding helmet for the first time, we’ve had hardened welding veterans tell us that this is the best helmet they have ever used… and if you work or live with a hard core welder, you’ll probably agree that’s a rare compliment!

Here's what Mark, a Welding Inspector from NSW has to say:
I'm very impressed with the Jackson WH70 helmet. The optical quality is great and I like the dual range setting it has. I was a bit skeptical about the external controls given past bad experiences, however I've quickly changed my mind with this helmet. In particular the change between weld and grind mode is simple and easily achieved. I've used it for MIG, MMA and TIG and the view of the weld pool is excellent.
The head harness is comfortable and I like the fact it locks up in place rather than relying solely on the tension applied by the fixings that hold the harness to the shell. Some of the newer style head harnesses used by others take a lot of time to get just right. Another good point was the light weight of the helmet lends itself well to all day use.
I've been in the trade for over thirty years and I'd rate this as one of the best helmets I've used.


So if you want to find out what all the fuss is about… contact Weldclass or catch up with your local Weldclass distributor today. 

Jackson WH70 welding helmet… your eyes, your profession, your helmet!



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