MMA "Stick" Welding: What is Open Circuit Voltage (OCV) ?

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What is OCV?

Open Circuit Voltage (also known as no-load voltage) is the voltage that exists between the electrode and the job (or the earth) when welding is not in progress.


What impact does OCV have on Stick welding performance?

OCV works in a similar way to Hot Start function in that a “higher” OCV improves the ease of electrode ignition, which is especially advantageous when using difficult-to-run electrodes such as low hydrogen.

Broadly speking, an OCV rating of 55V and above will contribute to quality arc characteristics.


How is OCV different from Welding Voltage?

OCV should not be confused with Welding Voltage. Welding voltage is the voltage that exists between the electrode and the job (or the earth) during welding, and this is what maintains the arc between the electrode and the job.

Welding voltage will typically be much lower than OCV, and will vary with many parameters (such as arc length, etc.).


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