Parts Box Kits for MIG, TIG and Plasma Torches

Date: 04-05-2023

Parts Box Kits for Binzel Style MIG Welding Torches


Keep your torch spares tidy with a Weldclass parts kit

Weldclass torch parts boxes are a great way to kit up with common welding torch consumables and keep them organised.  

Each kit includes:

  • Common consumable parts
  • Robust & compact carry/storage case that easily fits in any toolbox
  • Hanging hook, to allow box to be easily displayed on pegboard or slatwall
  • Adjustable compartments that can fit additional parts that you may require later
  • Images and part numbers for easy re-ordering
  • Hang tab for easy display / hook storage


Performance and quality

Weldclass torch parts are designed for consistency and long-life, no quality short-cuts.


Chose your torch model:


Parts Kits for Binzel style MIG Welding Torches


BZL 15 Torch (WC-01643)   BZL 24 Torch (WC-01644)   BZL 25 Torch (WC-01645)   BZL 36 Torch (WC-01646)




Parts Kits for Tweco style MIG Welding Torches


TWC 1 / Magnum 100L Torch (WC-01653)   TWC 2 Torch (WC-01654)   TWC 4 Torch (WC-01655)



Parts Kits for Bernard style MIG Welding Torches


BND 300 Torch (WC-01656)   BND 400 Torch (WC-01657)



Parts Kits for 17/18/26 TIG Welding Torches


Std (WC-01660) & Gas Lens (WC-01661)    PX Glass Cup Series: Std Dia (WC-01662) & Large Dia (WC-01663)




Parts Kit for XTP40/60 Plasma Cutting Torch

As used on Weldclass single-phase plasma cutting machines. Also suits various other machine brands/models.


XTP40/60 Plasma Torches (WC-01658) 







The products advertised above are original Weldclass products only. Weldclass is not affiliated in any way with Binzel, Tweco or Bernard and the products are not original Binzel, Tweco or Bernard. Any references to these trade names are for identification purposes only.