MIG / Stick / TIG Welder - WELDFORCE WF-180MST

At just 9kg, the Weldforce WF-180MST is one of the most compact and lightweight "10 amp" multi-function MIG welders on the market. If you're looking for portability and maximum power from 10 amp supply… this is your machine! 180 amps MIG output, Stick/MMA & lift-TIG capability & LCD displays are some of the unique features not normally found on other machines in this class. Comes with 3m heavy-duty Euro-fit MIG torch, 2-stage gas-saving regulator, 0.8/0.9mm drive rollers for both gas and gasless wire, plus 3m earth and stick leads, and 10A plug fitted. Maximum recommended MIG welding capacity of 8mm (mild steel).

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> MIG (Gas / Gasless)
> Stick
> TIG (Lift-Arc)

> 180A max MIG output @ 10% duty cycle
> Weld up to 8mm Mild Steel (max MIG capacity)
> Fitted with 10A 240V plug

> Takes 1kg (D100mm) or 5kg (D200mm) spools
> Digital Readout Displays
> Weighs only 9kg - compact, robust & lightweight
> Generator Compatible - min 8kva, ideal 10kva
> Robust Drive System - for reliable wirefeeding
> 2 year warranty*

> MIG Torch H/Duty BZL 25 3m
> Earth Lead 3m
> Stick Lead 3m
> Gas Regulator
> Driver Roller for 0.8/0.9mm steel/solid wire
> Driver Roller for 0.8/0.9mm gasless wire

> TIG Torch #9/17 4m (part no 3-TTU2917V/4)
> T100 Welding Trolley (part no WC-06235)

> MIG Torch Spares (BZL 25)
> Drive Rollers

Warranty Registration
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What is Duty Cycle & How is it Calculated?
Using Generators to power inverter welders & plasma cutters
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What is TIG welding? About the TIG process
TIG Welding: What is Scratch-Start, Lift-Arc and HF Ignition?

*Standard warranty 12 months, with 12 months extension if registered at Weldclass.com.au/WeldforceWarranty

Guy - NSW
I find it a great little machine

Peter - WA
Works well can actually run a bead now ??

Martyn Brown - QLD
I have never MIG welded before and within 15 minutes I was at a level that I thought would take months to reach. The machine seems simple to operate and I was surprised at how small it was compared to similar AMP machines.

Gary Kenney - Vic
Haven't got to use it yet. Bought it after looking at the options and seeking recommendations from an very experienced welder. Suites my requirements well.

Ronald Thomas - WA
So far the machine has been greater than my expectations.It's ability to weld 1.6 gal gassless makes welding a pleasure and I can't wait to continue with my project tomorrow!

Dave Harrison - QLD

Aaron Bugeja - Tas
Nice and compact

Mark Winters - QLD
Have only used it a couple of times since purchase; very light (comparatively) and good cable lengths make it very practical (previous MMA welder has too short cables)
New to MIG welding and I feel this machine is the best for both beginner/leaner and advanced.
The online instruction vid re installing a wire spool was good

Ian Rowlands - SA
I have already shown details of your machines to a work mate and he is keen to buy a machine for Alli tig welding

Shayne Barke - QLD
I am very surprised and impressed by its performance and versatility.
My favourite is that it is powered on a 10A plug!

George Esdaile - NSW
Have set it up and used it in its MIG mode....appears to be a very neat unit at a reasonable price.
I like the digital readout.
The only negative I can find is that the earth lead and "stick" welding electrode leads are pretty light weight. As I already have heavy duty leads this won't be an issue.

Andrew Law - NSW
light weight - 10 amp and easily portable. going to be a very handy machine.

Gavin Law - VIC
Well it’s early days and I’m not much of a welder. I’m a builder and I just want a welder so I can do basic welding when I need to instead of driving around to my fabricators shed all the time.
Mainly bought this welder because I like to shop local and K2 said it was a good welder that no one has had any dramas with so good option I reckon.

Glen Reid - QLD
very happy

Pavel veljanoski - WA
This is welder i was waiting for. Thankyou people from Weldforce .

Looks good in the box.

Christian Johnson - QLD
Powerful for the size

stephen kearns - Vic
i have set this machine up for panel work.it is perfect.

Brent Goodman - QLD
Excellent machine

Michael Tree - NSW
My son purchased a Boss welder from Bunnings for me and it lasted 4 months and packed it in so it’s going back for warranty and as I need to finish off a new deck in steel I needed a welder ASAP. So after some research I purchased the Weldforce WF-180MST and what a difference it’s an outstanding welder.Cheers Michael

Tim Stone - VIC
Easy to use, great little machine.

Danny Fitzgerald - SA
I have only had it a week and used it once to fab up some trestles using Gasless. Ran really smooth and am very happy with it thus far.I bought it from a Hardware shop in Tom Price who try and stock a bit of everything to cover the area. Wouldn't of expected as much knowledge as an Industrial Supplier but staff who were there were enthusiastic about the brand as they had only started stocking your brand and had a demo from you guys recently.

John Renyard - VIC
Just coming to terms with it, Only used stick welders before

Joel Reynolds - NSW
i am very happy with it so far have used both stick and gassless mig they both produced very good welds. i am also impressed with how easy it is to start the arc with stick with this welder

Eddie Down - QLD
Took it out of the box and put together and gave it a whirl really impressed so far. cheers

Dean Malpas - NSW
Extremely happy with service and advice from the store where I bought this and description and recommendations made about this Weld force product and its suitability to my requirements for home project use. Especially since I was interested, initially, in a Lincon or Hobart unit. On first use it was easy to set up and did exactly what was described in the instructions. I am not an experienced welder but I'm very happy with this unit as its ease of use will improve my welding skill quite quickly. Cheers Dean.

Jeremiah Reynolds - QLD
Great little machine

Brad Ward - QLD
Very nice compact welder ideal for the projects I do.

Gordon Bell - NSW
Built tough and great ammount of power for 10a plug. Very happy with the quality of the welder and the quality of the welds it has produced so compared to others i have used. Have used both flux core mig and mma and both have been easy to set up and adjustments ratio listed on cover door are pretty bang on. Bothe have produced great looking welds strait up.

Grant Brine - SA
Great unit

Gordon Bell - NSW
Recently purchased the welf force wf 180 mst welder. Have run flux wire and the stick welder and they both produced excellent welds and is easy to setup and use. Also purchased the promax 200 helmet which has been great.

Lloyd Trapp - QLD
Great welder, but I need gloves

Stefan Luty - VIC
Very good machine

Chris Ferrett - WA
Only used it today first time but went well so far.