Product Update: Portable Welding Electrode Drying Oven

Date: 29-08-2018

A new Rod Oven with 5-10Kg capacity, some extra features & great value!


One Model - 5kg or 10kg Capacity

Designed to suit users that are looking for 5kg or 10kg capacity.

If you only need 5kg capacity, our new oven is very close to the size and weight of our old 5kg model.

If you need 10kg capacity, you'll find the new oven considerably lighter, more compact and more portable than many others on the market.


Light Weight & Portable

Weighing only 4.5kg, the Weldclass electrode drying oven is very portable and minimises operator strain.


Cylindrical Chamber

Unlike ovens with a square chamber where the electrodes tend to roll around & more readily damaged - the Weldclass electrode oven has a round chamber which keeps the electodes in better condition and prevent flux chipping.


Insulated Lid

This improves overall insulation and temperature stability.


Galvanised Interior

Durable and resists rust (which can contaminate electrodes).



Pull Ring Handle & Over-Centre Latch

Quick & easy opening... and firm closure.



Adjustable 50oc - 200oc

Great for a wide range of MMA welding applications


Protected Thermostat Control Knob

Minimises potential damage to the control knob.






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  • Date: 25-07-2019
    Weldclass Team Weldclass

    Thanks for your question Jeremy. No reason why the oven can't be used to store electrodes. However, if air tight storage is required, then we recommend sourcing a container specific for this purpose as the oven is not 100% air tight (as it needs to breathe when in operation). Hope this helps!
  • Date: 24-07-2019
    Jeremy Britton Progress Rail

    Can the 10kg electrode drying oven be used for long term storage of welding rods ?
  • Date: 19-01-2019
    Alan Ray Josselyn Arj llc

    I like it