User Reviews: 220MP Pulse MIG Welder

Date: 23-12-2021

Video reviews and comments from owners and users of the 220MP Italian-made single-phase Pulse MIG welder from Weldclass Australia. 

Weldclass Ultra 220MP Pulse MIG Welder with accessories


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Lou - Banora Point NSW

" Very well made love the machine"


Ryan - Tamworth NSW

Ryan operates one of 220MP machines used by the team at C&S Canopies, who manufacture aluminium trays & canopies for 4X4 and touring.


Bryce - QLD

" A fantastic welder, some of the best welds I've ever done, and the root gap function is phenomenal for panel welding. It's very easy to use and operate. This is my first time using a pulse MIG, and I have to say I'm extremely impressed. It was a breeze to set up. The welds that followed were a dramatic improvement, and I tried vert up, down, fillet, butt, lap, and overhead positions with great success. Even with minimal setting up, the machine performs beautifully. Welds look good, had great penetration, and passed bend tests. I'm very keen to hone the settings to allow a softer looking weld, but other than that, this machine is incredibly capable. I believe it will completely replace my AC/DC pulse TIG's role in my workshop. "


Angus - Sunshine Coast QLD

Angus and his team at SCBB are experienced aluminium fabricators, specialising in manufacture of boats & trailers.



Michael - Sydney NSW

" Works great out of the box. "