TIG Torch Selection Guide | Choosing the right TIG torch


Save time with this simple and straight-forward guide to help you chose the right TIG torch for your welding machine. Fast, easy & no confusing mumbo-jumbo!

This guide covers air-cooled (or gas-cooled) TIG torches which are very commonly used on welding machines up to approximately 200-250 amps capacity.  Water-cooled TIG torches are not included in this guide, as these are not commonly used on single-phase welders and are typically intended for heavier industrial applications, such as welding heavier materials and/or high duty-cycle applications where water-cooling is essential to prevent the torch from over-heating.


1. Valved or Switched

Does your welder have a gas outlet / fitting on the front of the machine ?


No - you will need a valved torch. Go to 2 ⇓

Yes - you will need a torch with trigger switch. Go to 3 ⇓



2. Valved TIG Torches

These are commonly used on "standard" inverter welding machines - such as portable DC inverter Stick/TIG or MIG/Stick/TIG machines - which do not have a gas connection on the front of the machine. Becuase the gas supply into the torch has to come directly from the gas bottle / regulator, a gas valve is needed on the torch head to allow the operator to manually open gas supply before welding, then close it after welding. 


17 Series

The most popular size torch for portable welders. Max capacity of 150 amps, but can be used on virtually any size machine.  TIG is typically used for welding thin materials, and in these cases the operator will rarely (if ever) need to operate on more than 150 amps, irrespective of the maximum output of the machine. Suitable for welding materials of up to approximately 3mm thickness. 

Weldclass 17FV series torches come with;
• Valved, flexible torch head to allow the operator to 'bend' the head to achieve the best torch position
Both small and large 'Dinse' cable connectors, for connection to almost any machine
• Standard 5/8" UNF gas fitting for connection to Argon gas regulators


View Weldclass #17FV Torches


26 Series

Max capacity of 200 amps, for use on higher-output machines, especially where the operator may want the ability to TIG weld thicker materials up to 4-5mm. Available in 4m or 8m length.

Weldclass 26FV series torches come with;
• Valved, flexible torch head to allow the operator to 'bend' the head to achieve the best torch position
• Large "35-50" 'Dinse' cable connector for connection to most welders with output of 200 amps or more
• Standard 5/8" UNF gas fitting for connection to Argon gas regulators
• Choice of 4m or 8m torch length

View Weldclass #26FV Torches



3. Torches with Triggers, Switches and 'Remote' Amperage Controls

These are used on machine which have more advanced TIG functions, such as;  Gas controlled by a solenoid valve in the machine with gas outlet fitting on front of the machine,  ability to adjust current/amps from the torch, etc.  Most AC/DC TIG welders use these torches, also some DC Stick/TIG and MIG/Stick/TIG inverter welders.


To suit Weldclass machines

The following Weldclass machines use torches with 'remote' controls. Click on the model to view the TIG torch for that machine;  Weldforce 205MST & 255MST, Weldforce 201T, Weldforce 202T (made in Italy).


To suit other machine brands

Retrofitting or replacing TIG torches with switches &/or remote amperage control adjustments can be complex. These types of torches are a lot more bespoke, due to the control 'multi-pin' plug & associated wiring needed to make the controls on the torch “talk” to the machine. There are many different types of multi-pin plugs used, and wiring configuration can change from one machine to another, depending on how the machine is programmed. 

For best results we always recommend trying to source the original torch from the machine manufacturer first. Customers are welcome to try to adapt Weldclass 17-series or 26-series 'remote control' torches to other machines, however Weldclass does not guarantee success.



View the range of TIG and Multi-Function welders by Weldclass



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