TIG Torch Selection Guide | Choosing the right TIG torch

Date: 08-05-2023

TIG Torch Selection Guide


Save time with this simple & straight-forward guide to help you chose the right TIG torch for your welding machine. Fast, easy & no confusing mumbo-jumbo!


Quick Reference Guide

Use this quick reference chart to identify the type of TIG torch that suit your machine.

Welding Machine

Suitable TIG Torch Models

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Typical features / functions

Has TIG gas outlet fitting on front of machine?


Basic lift-arc (or scratch-start) TIG arc ignition.

Usually DC-only, for TIG welding steel & stainless.

Includes, but not limited to, many portable Stick/TIG or MIG/Stick/TIG welders.

No. Gas hose on torch is connected directly to gas regulator.

Standard with valve

Professional / Specialised

Welding Machine Professional TIG

HF TIG arc ignition.

Usually AC/DC, for TIG welding all metals including aluminium.

May have options such as: foot pedal, &/or water cooler for torch.

Yes. Gas hose on torch connects to front of machine.

Specialised, with switch and remote controls on torch handle

 TK Super-Flex series




Standard TIG Torches with Valve

TIG Torch Standard with Valve    


  • Suits most inverter welders that have a basic lift-arc or scratch-start TIG function, including many portable DC inverter Stick/TIG or MIG/Stick/TIG machines
  • For use on welding machines which do NOT have internal TIG gas line/fitting,
  • The gas hose on the TIG torch is connected directly to the gas regulator (on the gas cylinder) and gas flow is controlled via the valve on the TIG torch head
  • Weldclass standard TIG torches can be fitted to most brands/models of these machines
  • Available in #17 (150 Amp) and #26 (200 Amp) series

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Specialised TIG Torches with switch and remote controls on torch handle

  • Used on machines which have a TIG gas outlet fitting on front of the machine
  • Torch has switch (and may also have current/amps adjustment) on handle, and control cable with plug that connects to socket on front of machine
  • Most AC/DC TIG welders use these torches, also some DC Stick/TIG and MIG/Stick/TIG inverter welders
  • While the torch head etc may be common types, the control plug is usually bespoke and brand/model specific. There are many different types of multi-pin plugs used, and wiring configuration can change from one machine to another, depending on how the machine is programmed.
  • For the above reason, you should purchase this type of torch from the manufacturer of your machine. 

Specialised TIG Torches to suit specific Weldclass machines



Platinum TK Super-Flex TIG Torches

  • Used where a light weight, flexible and slimline torch is desired for maximum dexterity, control and operator comfort
  • For use on professional TIG welding machines (typically AC/DC machines)
  • Weldclass TK Super-Flex series TIG torches can be fitted to most brands/models of these machines
  • Often used together with a foot pedal / controller, where a switch on the torch head is NOT required, as all controls/adjustments are made via the foot pedal
  • Can also be optioned with a snap-on switch, if controls on torch are required

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