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Best Weed Burner Torch - Australia

Date: 01-03-2021

War against the weeds? This weed burner torch is your weapon of mass elimination! The WELDCLASS PLATINUM LT-40 is tough, powerful and has unique features.



Best Weed burner torch Australia - Weldclass Platinum LT40 - 1000mm

Weldclass Platinum LT-40:  A powerful weed burner torch, built to last

Made in Europe, the Platinum LT-40 propane torch system is designed for high-performance and long-life even in the most demanding conditions. 

The LT-40 has many uses, such as metal heating, ashphelt heating, roofing, shrink-wrapping... and weed burning.

From the first time you handle the LT-40, you get the feeling of quality that you expect from a European-made product; robust and precise construction, ergonomic handling, and some practical bonus features that you don't get on other weed-burner torches... including the 360-degree swivel joint on the handle inlet fitting, which eliminates hose torsion and means that you don't have to keep "fighting" the hose. 

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Use with standard LPG "BBQ" Bottle

The Platinum LT-40 burner torch is designed for use with your standard 4kg or 9kg LPG gas cylinders with common "POL" connection.  Available as a complete kit, with hose and all fittings included - no assembly required, other than to connect fittings/threads. See below for more details on kit options. 


LPG/Propane vs Butane (aerosol / pressure pack) weed burner torches

Butane torches are good choice for a low-cost "patio" weed burner, for small weeds and smaller areas. However for larger areas and larger volume of weeds, these torches become very slow and tedious to use.

Compared to butane aerosol cans / pressure packs, the LT40 LPG/Propane torch offers;

  • A much more powerful, larger & intense flame
  • 20-30 times more heat energy output (butane torches = 15-20Mj/hr output, Platinum LT40 = up to 500Mj/hr output)
  • Get the job done fast & efficiently (especially when you've got a larger area of weeds to burn)
  • Much longer operation time between refills
  • Lower running costs, saving you money in the longer term



Choice of 3 Weed Burner Torch Kits

These's a Platinum LT-40 weed burner torch kit to suit everyone;


LT-40 Maxflame Kit

Operates on full bottle pressure for maximum heat output & flame size. This is one super powerful weed burner, pumping out a massive 500 Mj/hr (475,000 BTU) of maximum heat energy, with flame length of up to 1,200mm. Includes 3m hose, long 750mm tube, large 65mm tip & cylinder adaptor with excess-flow safety valve.   RRP $219*
*Indicative price only. Contact a Weldclass distributor for final pricing.

Weed Burner Torch Kit - Weldclass Platinum LT40 Maxflame Kit


LT-40 Combo Kit

All-in-one kit with two tube lengths & two tip sizes, ready to tackle a wide range of heating and burning tasks, out in the field or in the workshop.  Includes 5m hose and gas regulator, to reduce gas consumption and for more consistant pressure & flame control. Max output 390 Mj/hr (370,000 BTU), with flame length of up to 1,000mm.  RRP $289*
*Indicative price only. Contact a Weldclass distributor for final pricing.

Weed Burner Torch Kit - Weldclass Platinum LT40 Combo Kit



LT-40 Torch Kit

A good option if you already have hoses & a regulator, and just need a torch. (Note that inlet fitting on the handle is 5/8" UNF LH). Includes two tube lengths & two tip sizes, ready to tackle a wide range of heating and burning tasks, in the field or in the workshop. RRP $199*
*Indicative price only. Contact a Weldclass distributor for final pricing.

 Weed Burner Torch Kit - Weldclass Platinum LT40 Torch Kit



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Do weed burners work ?

Weed burner torches have become the latest thing when it comes to chemical-free weed control. Sounds great in theory, but is weed burning effective in real life?

The answer is yes, weed burning really does kill weeds... providing that: a) your torch is 'right size' for your job, and b) you use the correct technique.


What is the best weed burner Torch Size ?

This depends on your application, in particular the size of the garden or vegetated area you're working in... also how frequently you're likely to be weeding. 

For small gardens, patios, footpaths and the like, often a MAP-gas or Butane Aerosol torch is sufficient. These are very low cost - typically less than $50* - and an easy way of finding out for yourself how the whole weed burning thing works. 

However for anything more than patio-style work, where there is a larger area of weeds to control (and where the weeds themselves may be larger in size), MAP-gas or Butane torches are under-sized and will prove to be frusteratingly slow. Here's where you need to look at torches powered by LPG "BBQ" bottles which will provide a larger and more powerful flame. This will allow you to tackle larger areas and get the job done faster.

LPG torches can vary in output too.  The Platinum LT40 torch is available in different kit options, with the "Maxflame" kit being one of the most powerful torches available, punching out a massive max output of 475,000 BTU.  Definitely your top of the line weed warrior!  Priced at around $219* it's also very affordable for a European-made quality product. 


What is the correct method for weed burning ?

Sounds pretty basic, just put a torch to the offending plant and burn it.. right?  Well yes that's the general idea, however there is one critical point that makes the difference between winning or losing your war against weeds.

Firstly, avoid burning the plant completely - as in burning it to the ground. This will destroy the the visible part of the plant, but it typically will not kill it completely... which means that it's going to grow back.  

instead, what you want to do is "cook" the weed but don't completely destroy it.  While the outer leaves etc will be consumed, the idea is to destroy the cell structure of the plant by boiling the sap or moisture in the main stem of the plant... which (if done correctly) will be much more likely to kill the whole plant.   Sometimes you will even be able to see moisture bubbling on the surface of the plant stem while you are doing this. Just back off before you start to turn it to completely dry charcoal or ash. Victory!


*Prices are indicative only and subject to change at any time without notice. Final price is determined by the retailer.

  • Date: 31-07-2021

    AWESOME!! If anyone watches the series 'Forged in Fire' they will understand "it weell kill"! No weed stands a chance with this torch. Easy to assemble & use (I'm an elderly lady).
  • Date: 31-07-2021

    Jim, if you click on the "where to buy" button above, this will take you to a page where you can look up your nearest Weldclass distributor.
  • Date: 21-06-2021

    Is there a outlet in western australia
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