Welders NOT made in China | Now you have a choice...

Date: 09-04-2021


Fact: The majority of welders on the market are made in China*

For some years now, Chinese-manufactured welding machines and plasma cutters have dominated the market in Australia, with the clear majority of machines sold being made China*. 

And yes this includes models that we currently offer here at Weldclass, as well as many other well-known brands and models.


So what's wrong with that? 

No doubt about it, Chinese made welding machines can offer great value for money - and that includes welders that we currently offer here at Weldclass.

However, we reckon it's well overdue that Aussie welders had more choice. When it comes to buying a motor vehicle, you can readily chose from cars made in Germany, Italy, France, China, Korea, USA, UK and the list goes on.  So why not welding machines ?


Want more choice?

Welding enthusiasts have been telling us they want more choice.  In fact, we recently surveyed thousand of welders and metal fabricators across Australia, and the majority of respondees indicated they wanted to see more options.

We got sick of hearing stuff like "it can't be done", or "there's no viable options outside of China", or "all machines like this have to come from China". 

Just like you, we reckon it's only fair to offer alternatives. 

So, behind the scenes here at Weldclass, we started working with one of Europe's largest & most experienced welding machine manufacturing plants to develop a selection of machines that;

  1. Meets the needs of Aussie fabricators
  2. Offers buyers an alternative to the existing market offering
  3. Are affordable and accessable to welding enthusiasts and professionals alike
  4. Are supported in Australia, by an Aussie-owned and operated company


Now for the good news!

After an intensive 3-years of product development, trial and testing... we're pumped to tell you that we're ready to provide Aussie welders with the best value-for-money range of European-made Welders and Plasma Cutters readily available in Australia.**

So if you're looking for something different, view the European machine range today!



A full range of affordable and innovative, European-made Welders and Plasma Cutters

The Weldclass line up of European designed and manufactured machines includes; MIG welders, Stick welders, TIG Welders, Multi-Function welders and Plasma Cutters.


Welders NOT made in China | Weldclass European-made welders and plasma cutters

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Other helpful links, FAQs and more information: 

Why are most welding machines made in China* ?

It's no secret that China is a manufacturing super-power who have dominated and even monopolised many industries. For years now, many welding machine brands and suppliers have looked to China for their main or (in some cases) only manufacturing location and source of supply - with one of the key benefits being that China offers a low cost base and very competitive, some would say aggressive, pricing approach. 

However, at Weldclass we've decided that Aussie's deserve to have alternatives and choice.  While we will continue to offer Chinese-made machines, we've also been working hard to develop a range of European made machines at affordable prices. And the great news is our new range of next-generation European made welders and plasma cutters is off and racing! Click here for more details.

Looking for a Non-Chinese Welder ?

Looking for alternatives to the status-quo? An affordable range of European designed and manufactured MIG, Stick, TIG and multi-function Welders, available from Weldclass distributors across Australia. Made in Italy and designed for the Aussie welder, with over 60 years of European technology and experienced packed into every machine. 

Looking for a Non-Chinese Plasma Cutter ?

Now there's an affordable alternative! A selection of plasma cutters designed and manufactured in Europe (Italy in fact), readily available in Australia from a Weldclass distributor near you.  Developed in partnership with one of Europe's largest and most experienced manufacturers of welding and plasma cutting equipment. 

Australian made Welders | What welders are made in Australia? | Are any Welders made in Australia ?

Currently there are no manufacturers of inverter welding machines based in Australia.  One reason for this is that it requires high production volumes to be able to produce machines for an affordable cost, and this is difficult to achieve with Australia's relatively small population.  The good news is that Weldclass is 100% Australian owned and operated. And when you chose a Weldclass welding machine or plasma cutter - such as one of our Italian-made units - you're supporting Australian jobs and ensuring that the proceeds from your purchase stay in the Australian economy, instead of being funnelled back to a multi-national off-shore corporation.  


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**In our opinion, these machines offer the best value-for-money selection/range of European-made, single-phase MIG, MMA and/or TIG inverter welding machines readily available in Australia & valued at less than $5,000 retail price, as at the time of launching these machines (March 2021).

*Single-phase, manually operated MIG and/or MMA and/or TIG inverter welding machines valued at less than $5,000 retail price, sold in Australia by number of units, as at March 2021.