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Australia's best value-for-money range of European-made Welders and Plasma Cutters*

Weldclass European Made Welders and Plasma Cutters



Weldclass European welders and plasma cutters are manufactured to Weldclass specifications, in one of Europe's largest & most experienced welding machine manufacturing plants.

Based in Italy, Weldclass' manufacturing parter began producing welding machines in 1963 and today operates from a factory that spans 120,000m2 in size.

This range is the product of a 3-year project, to develop a selection of machines that a) meets the needs of Aussie welders and fabricators, b) offers buyers an alternative to the existing market offering, which is dominated by Chinese-manufactured product, c) is affordable and offers the best value-for-money selection of European-made welders currently available on the market.

Every machine in this range offers;

60 years of European technology & innovation

A leading 4-Year Warranty

A 30-day, money-back Satisfaction Guarantee


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Welders Made in Italy | Available Australia-wide

If you're looking for quality Italian-made welding machines, we have some great news!  After years of development and testing, Weldclass is now offering Australia's best-value-for-money selection of Italian-made MIG welders, Stick welders, TIG welders and Plasma cutters






*In our opinion, these machines offer the best value-for-money selection/range of European-made, single-phase MIG, MMA and/or TIG inverter welding machines readily available in Australia & valued at less than $5,000 retail price, as at the time of launching these machines (March 2021).