Introducing Welding Rods in 1kg Convenience Packs

Date: 20-01-2021


At last...  a full range of stick electrodes in 1kg re-usable & "hangable" packs!



User-friendly and retail-friendly packaging;

  • 1kg re-usable convenience pack
  • Hanging hole for easy display
  • Robust plastic pack with firm re-sealing / closure
  • Professionally labelled, with helpful & easy-to-understand application info
  • Premium quality electrodes with excellent operator appeal & smooth arc characteristics


Great for both small and larger volume usage

Not only is 1kg a great size for those smaller projects, but it has convenience & cost-saving benefits for larger volume users too.  Designed to prevent wastage on site, just crack open 1kg at a time and your electrodes will remain dry and fresh every time!

No more throwing away opened, "half full' packs, or leaving electrodes exposed to atmospheric moisture.  


A comprehensive yet concise range

We've selected the most commonly used electrodes types and sizes, to cater for almost any mainstream stick welding, fabrication, maintenance, or repair job.

View the full range here, or click in the individual product links below for full details.


Steel / General Purpose - PROMAX GP
All-positional, easy-to-use. Available in 2.0mm, 2.6mm & 3.2mm.


Stainless-Steel - PLATINUM 316L
General-purpose welding of common Stainless-Steels. Available in 2.0mm, 2.6mm & 3.2mm.

Stainless-Steel - PLATINUM 309MoL
Welding of dissimiliar steel-to-stainless, matching 309 s/steels, clad steels, & buffer layers. Available in 2.6mm & 3.2mm.


Universal - PLATINUM 312
High-strength welding of almost any steel or stainless-steel, including dissimiliar metals. Available in 2.6mm & 3.2mm.

Hardfacing - PROMAX 700
General-purpose hardfacing of ground-engaging implements etc. Available in 3.2mm.

Hardfacing - PLATINUM 943
High-Performance hardfacing of ground-engaging implements etc, offering exceptional abrasion resistance, long wear life & good impact strength. Available in 3.2mm.

Cast-Iron - PLATINUM NiFe
High strength hot or cold welding of cast iron to itself and cast-to-steel. Available in 3.2mm.



Complimentary Display Card System

Fits to existing slatwall or pegboard stands/wall for professional merchandising & display of 1kg electrode packs. Click here for more details.




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