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Introducing PLATINUM SD-980 Solid Hardfacing MIG Wire

A Versatile, High-Performance and Easy-to-use Hardfacing Welding Wire

Solid Hardfacing MIG Wire for metal-to-earth and metal-to-metal wear - Weldclass Platinum SD-980  


Versatile and Easy-To-Use

Being a solid hardfacing wire (rather than flux-cored), Platinum SD-980 requires minimal (if any) additional set-up.  If you already weld with solid wire, the chances are you won't need to change drive rollers etc.

SD-980 is available in 1.2mm.  With a minimum requirement of around 120 Amps, SD-980 will usually run well off MIG welders with output of 200 Amps or above.  Use with normal Ar-Co2 MIG gas.

While some hardfacing wires can be "tricky" to run, or require a careful procedure to be followed (to prevent issues such as weld deposit chipping / breakage) - Platinum SD-980 is typically very hassle-free, normally requiring no special procedures such as buffer layers, pre-heating, etc.


Available in 4.5kg (and 15kg) Spools

Got a small job to do?  Welding machine only takes smaller 200mm spools? No problem - SD-980 comes in 200mm/4.5kg spools.... as well as 300mm/15kg spools.


All-Positional Hardfacing Wire

While many hardfacing wires are often suitable only for use in horizontal (or down-hand) position, SD-980 is all-positional... making it a great choice for those out-of-position hardfacing tasks. 

Let's say you need to hardface an auger/screw for example; positioning the job so that every weld is in a horizonal / downhand position may be very difficult.  In such applications, SD-980 works well and can be applied vertical-up, vertical-down or even overhead if needed.


Abrasion Resistance with High Impact Strength

Platinum SD-980 is a great "all-rounder", combining abrasion resistance with moderate-to-high impact strength. This makes it a great choice for metal-to-ground (or ground-engaging) applications where frequent &/or heavy shock and blows are likely to occur.

SD-980 is also suitable for metal-to-metal applications such as shear & guillotine blades, punch dies, tracks, pulleys, etc.


Typical Applications:

  • Excavator bucket lips and teeth
  • Points and tynes
  • Screws & Augurs
  • Pulleys (eg: drag-line pulleys)
  • Dump-truck / tipper trays / bodies
  • Shear blades
  • Tracks
  • Crushing wheels and jaws
  • Guillotine blades, punch dies



SD-980 Vs CX-1800 Gasless Wire:

  Platinum SD-980 Platinum CX-1800
Type Solid Flux-cored
Gas Required Yes No
Abrasion Resistance Moderate Very High
Impact Resistance High Low/Moderate
Position All-positional Horizontal / down hand only
Cr Content 9.5% 23% + special carbides

Other Products Comparible with Platinum SD-980*:

Approx. chromium (cr) content shown. A higher Cr content will typically give a longer wear life against abrasion.

  • Stoody 965-G  (Cr ~6%)
  • Lincore 55-G/O  (Cr ~5%)
  • Robodur K 600-G  (Cr ~6%)
  • Welding Alloys L-G/O  (Cr ~8%)
  • INE Inefil 600-BR  (Cr ~9%)

Platinum SD-980 = Cr 9.5%

*Comparable products are given for indicative purposes only, the characteristics of each different brand & type of product will not be identical. Any reference to brand names or trade names of comparable products are the property of their respective owners and have no affiliation with Weldclass.


Micro-Cracking (yep it's normal)

SD-980 weld deposit will typically "relief-check".  Also known as "cross-checking", this means that the weld will form fine "micro cracks" after welding, due to the hardness of the weld deposit.

This is not a defect - in fact it is normal for many (if not most) hardfacing wires.

Micro-cracking will not affect the performance of the hardfacing deposit*.

*Other than in some unique/special applications, see below for further information



While SD-980 is certainly a very versatile wire - there's no such thing as a "one size fits all" hardfacing solution.  We believe in being up-front about our products, so here's some applications where SD-980 is not recommended or may not be the best choice;

Not recommended for equipment that will be submerged in sea water (eg sand dredging equipment). 
Becuase SD-980 exhibits micro-cracking (see above), sea water can corrode under the hardfacing layer and cause it to fall off. 

Not recommended for extreme Impact.
While SD-980 will handle 'moderate' impact very well - if the job involves constant, heavy impact with very little abrasion (eg repetitive hammer blow impact), SD-980 may not be the best product to choose.

Very high abrasion with low impact.
SD-980 will handle abrasion at all levels. However for applications where wear is mostly caused by abrasion with low impact, we recommend Platinum CX-1800 wire which not only has a higher Cr content (23%), but also includes special carbides that help it out-perform other hardfacing wires many times over... and will offer much longer wear life and equipment service life.

Field Applications / Windy Environments:
For applications where the wire is to be used in the field, it may be more convenient to use a gasless hardfacing wire such as CX-1800.


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