Dial Angle Flange Level - Contour Curv-O-Mark

Versatile pipefitting tool for flange alignment, finding & setting angles, etc. Includes flange pins. Click on 'Video' to view a demonstration.

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Also Known As:
Jackson Contour Curv-O-Mark Dial A Flange / Flange Aligner / Vial / 0721-0017 / 14786/ CURV0020 / T111 / Australia

> Versatile tool that can be used as a dial degree utility level or, with attachments, for two-holing flange alignment.
> Saves time, Easy to use

> Fitted with a threaded, self aligning conical spacer and conical nut and bolt units for fastening the Level to a pipe flange
> One of the nut and bolt units is stationary, while the other slides up to 140mm (5-1/2 in) along a slot in the level to accommodate various flange bolt hole spacings from 50mm (2 in) to 140mm (5-1/2 in)

> Made of cast aluminum with a protective housing containing an adjustable DSL
> The body of the tool is 12mm (1/2 in) thick with a machined surface
> The level bubble is protected from weld spatter and breakage with a built-in housing

WELDCLASS is the official Australian distributor for Jackson Contour Curv-O-Mark products.

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