User Reviews: 202T AC/DC TIG Welder

Date: 23-08-2021

Video reviews and comments from owners and users of the 202T Italian-made AC/DC TIG welder from Weldclass Australia. 


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Angus - Sunshine Coast QLD

Angus & the team at SCBB Fabrication keep their Weldclass 202T TIG welder hard at work, in their marine fabrication workshop on the Sunshine Coast. 

 Incredibly versatile machine and excellent build quality!
Super compact and loaded with all the features you require from a AC/DC Tig.
I'm a big fan of how portable this machine is for site work and you can even run it off a 10amp outlet which is helpful.
Everything has a high quality feel too it, I'm super impressed by the generous 8m leads and the leather protector is a nice touch also.
Not only is this machine well suited for beginners due to it's easy set up and use but also for the industrial setting like what ours will be subject too.
10 out of 10 for me!
- Angus, SCBB Fab



Joey - AGI Roll Cages, NSW

Joey and the team at AGI build roll cages for motorsport, movie stunt cars and pretty much any vehicle where roll over protection is needed. 



Rhys - NSW

 Its a geat machine, the best ive ever used.


Benny's Custom Works - NSW




Weldclass 202T product overview video




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