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LCD Display Funcationality on Weldforce 160MST, 180MST & 200MST Welders


The LCD displays on these machines display output (volts or amps) in "real time" only

This means that the LCDs will not display any values whilst welding is NOT in progress, and will only display that actual output whilst welding IS in progress.


Why ?

The LCD displays on these machines are designed to be a "bonus" feature, rather than part of the settings functionality.  Essentially these are dial-adjustable machines, with real-time LCD displays added as a "bonus".

These machines have been designed with a very strong emphasis on Simplicity, Reliability, Value-for-money, Compactness and Light weight.

As is the case with any machine or electronic device, the more complex the design, the higher the risk of faults and failure during the lifetime of that machine. For this reason the decision was made by Weldclass design team to use simpler "real time" displays only.

If for some reason the operator needs to be able to set very specific amperage or voltage settings, this can be done with colleague helping to check the settings. Normally this will be required only in professional applications (eg: when welding equipment according to a strict weld procedure) and in this case operators will typically use high-cost machines with more complex controls.

These machines are among the most reliable inverter MIG machines sold by Weldclass in the 40+ year history of the company and our focus will remain on keeping them this way.



Set up guide for 160 / 180 / 200MST




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