Spool and Wire Feed Set Up for Weldforce 160MST, 180MST & 200MST MIG Welders

Date: 15-03-2021




Installing 5kg (200mm) Spools - 160/180MST


Installing 1kg (100mm) Spools - 160/180MST


How to set up with Solid Wire and Gas

This video depicts the 180MST machine, however the same proceedure applies to 160MST and 200MST models as well.

180MST & 200MST are supplied with regulator and gas hose.

To set up 160MST, you will need to purchase an argon regulator and WC-03338 hose kit.



More Tips & Tricks | Wire Feed Troubleshooting Guide




  • Date: 15-06-2021

    Mike, thanks for the question. There are 2 videos above, one showing how to install 100mm/1kg spool & another showing how to install 200mm/5kg spool.
  • Date: 11-06-2021
    Mike Harvey

    Thanks for your video on loading a new spool onto the 160MST. Are there any videos that show how to change from one spool to another?