Introducing Weldclass Opti-5 Series Wire Brushes

Brushes engineered for optimum performance on 125mm / 5" angle grinders


With Weldclass Opti-5 brushes, you can expect;

✓  More wire per brush = Longer brush life

✓  Larger brushing surface area = Faster work rate & higher efficiency


The Opti-5 difference

The most popular and widely used angle grinder size in Australia is 125mm/5", especially in industrial applications.

However, many wire brushes that are used on 125mm grinders have been actually been designed for 100mm and 115mm grinders. This is because most wire brush designs originate from Europe, where the most popular angle grinder size is 115mm. When used on 125mm/5" grinders, these brushes deliver less-than-optimal performance, efficiency (work rate) and tool life. 

Weldclass Opti-5 brushes are engineered "from the ground up" to be the optimum size and weight to match the typical RPM & power range of 125mm / 5" grinders.


Let's illustrate it this way;

If you use cup brushes with your 5"/125mm grinder - for example - the chances are you've been using 75mm brushes (or similiar).

In effect, that's like using 100mm or 115mm cutting or grinding discs on your 5"/125mm grinder.  Sure it might work, but it's going to be slower, less efficient and defeats the purpose of using a larger grinder in the first place. 

Switch to the Opti-5 series 92mm cup brush... and immediately you've got 40-45%+ more brush area, so you can brush more stuff in less time.... not to mention longer life and more brush for your buck!


The RPM factor

A Cup Brush - for example - designed for 100/115mm grinders cannot be more than (approx') 75mm diameter.  

This largely has to do with the maximum RPM / speed. Smaller grinders have a higher RPM and this means that the brush has to be smaller and lighter to operate a) safely and b) smoothly without vibration.

This limits the volume of wire in the brush, and the brush surface area.. which then limits it's performance. 

Grinder Size Approx Max RPM*
100mm 15,000
115mm 13,000
125mm 12,000

*Approx maximum safe RPM rating for blades/tools used on each grinder size. Actual grinder rpm will vary from model to model.

The Opti-5 Range

Click on the images below to view full product details:

Cup Brushes
Weldclass Opti-5 Cup Brush 92mm


Bevel Brushes
Weldclass Opti-5 Bevel Brush 125mm

Pipeline Wheels
Weldclass Opti-5 Pipeline Wheel Brush 125mm


Made in Europe

Weldclass wire brushes are 100% made in Europe, using European high-tensile steel for long brush life. 


Can Opti-5 brushes be used on other size grinders?

Opti-5 series brushes are rated at maximum speed of 12,200 rpm and can be used on any grinders with a maximum speed of not more than 12,200 RPM, and where the brush diameter does not exceed the rated grinder size. 

This means that Opti-5 brushes can also be used on most 180mm/7" and 230mm/9" grinders.


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Why 75mm cup brush may not be your best option

75mm cup brushes were originally designed for use on 100mm & 115mm grinders, which are the most common grinder size in Europe. However, in Australia, 125mm / 5 inch grinders are by far the most popular size.  The Weldclass Opti-5 series 92mm cup brush is engineered to be the ideal size and weight for use on 125mm grinders... which means better performance and longer life. 



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