Weldclass Donates $15,000 to support Aussies impacted by Bushfire & Drought


The best way we can think of, to give back in 2019/20

In addition to past donations we have already made in support of drought relief and other charitable causes, Weldclass has committed to a new donation of $15,000 to support Aussies affected by Bushfire & Drought.


In dire need...

In 2018, it was observed that the drought across large parts of NSW and QLD was the worst in living memory.... and that was over a year ago!  The "big dry" is now entering its 3rd and even 4th year in many locations.

On top of this, Australia faces one of the worst bushfire seasons on record. To date over 3.6 million hectares have been burnt, more than 1,300 houses destroyed and 16 lives lost.

We feel that it's time to step up once again in support of Australians who have been doing it so tough.


Where will the $15,000 go to ?

Weldclass is a compassionate supporter of the Rapid Relief Team (RRT).  Our $15,000 donation will go towards the following RRT programs;


RRT Operation Fire Relief

Providing a $1,000 gift card to 600 families that have lost their home or their home has been declared uninhabitable


RRT Operation Drought Relief:

Supporting farming families affected by drought, via a number of RRT initiatives including; 

Operation Christmas Dinner: $250 gift card to provide a Christmas dinner to 1,000 farming families

Pellet Drop: 1,600 tonnes of livestock pellets to 1,600 farming families

Community Connect Events: Farmers invited enjoy a special farmers community day out (total of 12 events across various drought affected regions)




Thank you for making this possible!

We want to especially thank welders and Weldclass Distributors across Australia for their support. Without this we would not be able to give back to the community in this way.





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