How to stop light reflections (glare) in your welding helmet

Date: 23-05-2018

At last: a solution to this old annoying problem... the PROMAX HS self-attaching hood by Weldclass!


3 Reasons why the Promax FR Hood for welding helmets is a must-have for welders:



1. It Blocks Out Light

There's nothing more annoying than having your vision impared by sunlight and reflections entering your welding helmet.  The Promax helmet hood provides an all-round screen that blocks out light... now you get your vision back and you can concentrate on the job at hand.

WC-05456 - Hood for Welding helmet - Back


2. It Protects Head, Neck & Ears... Comfortably

As many welders would know, getting spatter down your ear is a bizarre and very painful experience!  Likewise; spatter, sparks and debris entering the back of your helmet is not only a hazard but also very distracting.  And for welders who work in the great outdoors..  we also have the problem of sun-burn.  

Sure, additional safety gear can help protect the welder from all this, but there is a limit to how much PPE you can fit under a welding helmet.

The Promax helmet hood helps protect you from all this.... comfortably. It fits ON your helmet, not under it, which means it doesn't cramp your space. The open design also allows good ventilation, and it's super light weight.


3. It Quickly Self-Attaches to any helmet:

The Promax helmet hood is supplied with self-stick hook & loop.  Simply stock one side of the hook & loop to your helmet, and then attach the hood.  Simple!

WC-05456_Hood for Welding helmet - Instructions

What is it made from?

The Promax helmet hood is made from flame/fire-retardant cotton (the material that we use to make our welding jackets)... and is sewn with Kevlar Heat-Resistant thread to prevent seam failure.



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This blog is intended to help with:  Self attaching Welding helmet neck flap hood protector with Hook & Loop style attachment, for site and field welders, overhead welding, etc. For Protection During Welding, Cutting & Grinding. Stop painful burns from spatter entering neck, collar, ears etc. Improve vision and weld quality by blocking out light and reflection. A common problem with Welding helmets Australia: how to prevent sunlight affecting the operators vision.


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  • Date: 26-04-2019
    Paul patacao

    Were can i purchase this hood for welding helmets and what is the cost,
  • Date: 20-03-2019
    Weldclass Team JWL Marketing Pty Ltd

    Good question Rob. Leather is much more likely to fog as it doesn’t “breathe”. Our hood is made from FR cotton fabric (same fabric that our other FR garment are made from) which will breathe a lot better than leather. You will also note that our hood design also allows good ventilation around the should/neck area. We are not aware of anyone having fog issues with our hood.
  • Date: 20-03-2019

    Will fog up your welding to fix that? I tried leather protection from top and had major fogging on lens....took it off and the problem was fixed.
  • Date: 04-02-2019
    Weldclass Team

    Hello Beckie, please send us an email to & advise where you are located... and we will advise your nearest distributor for this product.
  • Date: 02-02-2019
    Beckie Rocha

    Where can I purchase this at
  • Date: 24-10-2018
    Weldclass Team

    Hello Grant, We are based in Australia. We suggest you contact Taipan, our partner in Nth America;
  • Date: 24-10-2018
    Grant E Erdely Mr

    I have a miller welding helmet I want to know were to buy this to add to my helmet to block the sun I weld in a shop were the sun is behind me this would help a lot. I'm in Houston TX
  • Date: 09-04-2018
    Weldclass Team Weldclass

    Hi Lee, you can purchase this from one of our distributors, if you're not sure where, simply give us a call at 1300 784 200 and we can help you locate where you can get this from.
  • Date: 08-04-2018

    How can I purchased these??