MMA "Stick" Welding: What is Hot Start, Arc Force & Anti-Stick?

Date: 21-12-2018

MMA stick welding hot start, arc force, anti-stick


What is Hot Start ?

Hot Start is a special feature for MMA (stick-electrode) welding where the machine delivers a peak of current when striking the arc. This is important as it significantly increases the ease of starting electrodes, especially in difficult conditions such as damp electrodes, imperfect job surface, or when using ‘difficult to run’ electrodes, etc.


What is Arc Force ?

Arc Force, sometimes called "Dig" or "Arc Control", is a similar feature to Hot Start, except Arc Force operates during welding, not just at ignition. When the welding machine senses a short circuit it will deliver a peak of current. This greatly assists in stabilizing the arc, preventing the arc from cutting out while welding and preventing electrode sticking.


What is Anti-Stick ?

Anti-Stick allows the stick welding electrode to be easily detached, if it does begin to stick to the job. When the machine senses that the electrode is sticking, it will collapse the welding current to stop the electrode from continuing to weld itself to the job, allowing it to break free easily.


Weldforce Machines by Weldclass

These days, most inverter welding machines have Hot-Start, Arc-Force and Anti-Stick as built-in, pre-set functions.

However, in the case of Weldforce® welding machines by Weldclass, many of our models also allow you to adjust Arc-Force and Hot-Start, if you choose. This allows you to further customise machine settings and performance to suit every job. 
Weldforce models with adjustable arc-force and hot-start include; WF-140ST, WF-180ST, WF-205MST and WF-255MST.


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Weldforce welding machine range by Weldclass




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