Introducing PLATINUM 16XT Welding Electrodes

Date: 11-09-2018

The Hydrogen-controlled ('low hydrogen'), Twin-Coated welding rod with unique features!



Twin Flux Coating =

  • Smooth & stable arc
  • Easy striking
  • Low spatter
  • Easy slag removal
  • All positional (except for vertical down)



Hydrogen Controlled E7016 Classification =

  • For mild & high strength steels up to 510 Mpa
  • Commonly used where joint strength is required to be higher than regular / general purpose electrodes
  • Often refered to as "Low hydrogen"*



Applications include;

  • Highly restrained joints
  • Heavy equipment maintenance & fabrication
  • Rural maintenance
  • Structural steel & site welding
  • Pipes, Boilers & Pressure Vessels
  • Single-sided weld joints
  • Build up or buffer layer prior to hard facing



X-ray quality welds =

  • Excellent crack resistance
  • Good impact strength (tested to -30oC low temperature impact)
  • Great weld appearance



2kg Packs Vacuum-Sealed in Foil =

  • Superior to plastic wrap
  • Keeps moisture out, right up to the point of use
  • Smaller pack reduces waste & minimises exposure to atmospheric humidity




Why minimise exposure to air ?

  • Air contains moisture (humidity)
  • If exposed to air, electrodes will absorb moisture
  • This inceases hydrogen levels in the electrode (water 'H2O' contains hydrogen 'H')
  • Increased hydrogen compromises the strength & mechanical properties of the weld
  • Moisture can also negatively affect the arc characteristics & performance of the electrode



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