Product Update: Welding Electrode Handy Packs

Date: 10-09-2018



New Packaging

Weldclass Welding Rod handy packs are now available in new, professional, retail-friendly blister-packs... a great compliment to your welding consumables range.

Each pack has clear & concise information in plain & simple english to help customers quickly select the right product... and the electrodes are clearly visible, making it easy for customers to find & select the size they need.


No Quality Shortcuts

While the main market for handy-packs is often lower-volume users.... at Weldclass we don't use "any old" stick welding electrodes in our handy packs, just becuase they may not get used by a professional welder.

Electrodes in our handy packs are made to the same rigorous specifications as our bulk product... for excellent operator appeal, smooth arc characteristics & a great welding result every time!





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