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Weldclass Team Donates a further $14,850+ to Drought Relief

We owe a lot to regional Australia... thank you to our amazing staff for helping us to give back!


As one farmer put it...

"We're in unchartered territory".  The current drought (especially in NSW & QLD) is the most prolonged and severe in living memory. 

What many may not realise is that, in many respects, the full effect of the drought hasn't actually hit yet. Not only is there a major current shortage of fodder for animals - but many crops have not been planted this season, which will result in ongoing food shortages for considerable time to come.

Often when crops fail due to insufficient rainfall, livestock can at least graze on the stubble - but on many farms not even this is an option, as it has not been possible to plant a crop.

Also many farmers have been forced to sell their breeding stock, which means it will take them years to restore their herds/flocks.

When it does rain, many of us (who don't live on the land) tend to think the drought is over.... when in fact it will take years for most farmers to recover.


A World Class Team Effort!

In addition to donations we have already made in support of drought relief, this week Weldclass committed to donating a further $10 for every $1 donated personally by our staff.

The result?   Another $14,850 raised for drought relief! 

A massive thanks to our amazing team for their generosity... and thank you to our customers for your support that has made this possible.



Weldclass Support for Drought Relief so far in 2018:


$16,420 Donated to RRT Operation Drought Relief

An amazing story of support, we've included more information on this below.

$1,930 donated to Buy-A-Bale

Besides donating hay to keep livestock alive, Buy-A-Bale supports rural Australian's in many ways in their hour of need. To find out more about this great initiative, jump across to;  https://www.buyabale.com.au/it-aint-over/ 

You can also read more regarding our previous Buy-A-Bale donation here.


= Total $18,350... and counting!

At the time of publishing this blog, more Weldclass team members are making further donations. 



Please join us in supporting these desperately-needed initatives

If you're inspired to help, see details below on how to donate... and don't forget to post a quick comment at the bottom of this page to show your support.  Cheers and a million thanks for joining in!



More about RRT Operation Drought Relief

As we are writing this blog, RRT (Rapid Relief Team) is holding free community Lunch in Condobolin NSW to celebrate the arrival of a convey of road trains from Western Australia, carrying desperately needed hay for farmers in western NSW.

Over 20 road trains were included in the convoy, carrying 1,200 tonnes (2,300 bales) of hay sourced and donated by RRT - valued at $660,000.00!

Another of RRT's Drought Relief initatives is to fund $130,000 of food coupons and provide 100 struggling farming families with a $100 voucher each week for the next 13 weeks.

Read more about RRT & this initiative here: https://www.rapidreliefteam.org/blog/appeal/rrt-operation-drought-relief/ 








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