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Weldclass Donates $500 to Buy-A-Bale


Update:  Since this donation was announced, together with our staff Weldclass has made a further donation of over $15,000 to support drought relief. Read more about this here.


Supporting Aussie farmers through one of the worst droughts on record...

Weldclass has donated $500 which will go towards the purchase and transport of hay to farmers.

Based in regional Australia, at Weldclass we see first hand the affects of the 'big dry' every day. In the Tamworth (Northern NSW) area where our head office is located, the drought is officially the worst drought in over 100 years.





This donation is part of Weldclass' regular & ongoing charity support program and we look forward to supporting Buy-A-Bale again in the near future.


Please Join us in supporting Aussie Farmers in their hour of need!

Jump across to Buy-A-Bale to find out more;  https://www.buyabale.com.au/it-aint-over/ 



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