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Promax BL7 Leather Welding Jackets … design upgrade

A new level of lightweight comfort, with full-leather protection

Amazing - our new leather jackets are up to 40% lighter in weight!  Here's what you need to know....


A New Name.. Promax BL7

We used to call these "Promax Blue" which kinda got confusing because some of our other jackets are also blue in colour.  So to avoid confusion, we've re-named these jackets "Promax BL7". 


At a Glance

Old Previous Design (Promax Blue):

Jacket Leather Promax Blue (old).jpg

New Design (Promax BL7):

Jacket Leather Promax BL7 Front.jpg


Why the change?

While there was nothing "broken" with our previous design... a common complaint with leather jackets is that they are heavy and hot.  

Sure - when it comes to heavy duty protection against welding spatter and sparks, there's no getting around the fact that a leather welding jacket offers the best protection and wear life.

But we figured that there was a way we could re-design the jacket to reduce the weight and improve comfort - without reducing protection and durability.

The result?  A premium leather jacket which offers the same level of protection - but is up to 40% lighter in weight... and boasts some new features!  Now that's progress!



Off-Set Opening

Opening is placed to one side of the jacket, away from the most exposed area directly in front of the operator. This helps to extend garment life and is also more comfortable to wear.


Hook and Loop Fastening on Opening, Cuffs & Collar

Press studs work OK, but they add uneccessary weight as they have to be reinforced with additional layers of leather to prevent the studs tearing off. 

So instead we've used hook and loop, double stitched with kevlar. Firm closure, reduced weight & more comfortable!




Premium Cowhide Leather

One thing that has not changed is our committment to use the best quality A-grade cowhide leather. 



New Extended Back

We've extended the length of the back of the jacket, to provide better protection to the lower back - especially when bending, kneeling and working 'out of position'. 


Kevlar Stitching

We only use Kevlar thread... the best protection against heat, spatter, abrasion and seam failure.



Larger Panels with Fewer Seams

The Promax BL7 jacket has larger sections of leather... for example on the front or back we use only 1-2 panels, where other jackets may use up to 4 or 5 panels. 

While it's more challenging to manufacture (it's harder to find larger single pieces of leather with the quality we demand), it allows us to further reduce the weight of the jacket.  Fewer joins and seams = less weight.


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