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Flux-Cored Welding Wire PLATINUM 71-XM (E71T-1M) - Product Overview

Thanks to customer driven innovation… another great performing wire!

Flux-Cored Welding Wire - Platinum 71-XM (E71T-1M)


Simply very smooth and easy to use!

The hugely successful Platinum GL-11 gasless wire is proof that, at Weldclass, we’re fanatical about developing products that perform way above the average. 

Platinum 71-XM flux-cored wire is no exception! After many months of product development; tweaking the formula and running trials with welders across Australia …  we’re happy to say that Platinum 71-XM delivers awesome user appeal and great arc characteristics.


So what is 71-XM wire designed for?

71-XM is a dedicated mixed-gas formula (Ar+CO2, typical CO2 content 18-25%). In our trials, welders told us that this offered better arc characteristics than other ‘dual purpose’ (combination CO2 & mixed gas) wires. If you use 100% CO2 gas, this wire is not for you… but for the many Aussie welders out there using mixed gas; we guarantee you will find 71-XM very hard to beat!

71-XM is intended for welding of mild and 490Mpa class high tensile steel. Common applications include: welding medium to heavy sections, mining & earth moving equipment, machinery, heavy structural, shipbuilding, bridge construction, etc.

71-XM is all positional including: down hand, vertical up, overhead fillet and butt positions.

Download a product fact sheet here 



Why choose 71-XM ?

We asked welders and workshop managers what they wanted from an E71T-1 wire… the clear answer was: it has to be easy to use and hassle-free. Or in other words, minimal down time, no problems, get the job done right first time & move on.

We’ve worked hard to ensure that 71-XM delivers exactly that. Operators love it, it has minimal spatter, easy slag removal, good tolerance to imperfect surfaces & fit up, and excellent weld appearance & integrity.

From set-up to clean-up, 71-XM reduces down time & maximises efficiency.



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